articles of interest

New York Post article on feminist silence.

FrontPage Mag. Directive 11 : Obama’s secret Islamic Plan

The Dry Bones Blog . A wonderful cartoon exposé of anti-Semitic cartoons.

FrontPage Mag . Leftist racism.

Gatestone Institute : The mass murder of Christians.

FrontPage Mag : Excellent exposé of Progressive academia

Bill Warner : Islamic immigration.

UN Watch : Speech to UN about Saudi Arabia’s hypocrisy.

UN Watch: Bizarre attack on Israel again.

Frontpage Mag : Article by Joseph Klein exposing UN corruption.

FrontPage Mag :Article by Daniel Greenfield. A must read. At last Obama can no longer use the office of the Presidency as protection. D.G. calls it like it is, Obama and Kerry are traitors.

Bill Warner : Islamic slavery in Africa.

Gatestone Institute : The NGO campaign to destroy Israel.

Gatestone Institute : Why the Jews are the Canary in the Coal Mine: by Prof J.P.Golbert. Remarkable and enlightening article about the roots of anti-Semitism and the reasons for the Islamo-Progressive alliance which threatens the civilized world. A long article, but don’t be put off reading it. Print it off and read it at your leisure. Challenging for a Christian or non-Jewish reader but rightly so.

The Clarion Project : Video of Muslim child beheading Syrian pilot. This is extremely graphic and unpleasant, so beware.

FrontPage Mag : “A time to confront our enemies at home” Article by David Horowitz. Attacking Bill Warner’s ” Near enemy”. Another must read.

Bill Warner : “Questions and answers” Yet another brilliant video lecture by Bill Warner. Listen and learn.

Isi Leibler : “Rejecting despair and confronting the challenges” The Iran  deal / betrayal from an Israeli perspective.

Voice of Israel : David Horovitz, ” The Iran deal will haunt the West” Never a truer word was spoken.

Frontpage Mag : Daniel Greenfield. “John Kerry is blowing the Iran nuke deal.” Saying it as it is.

YouTube : Pat Condell. ” Comedians and UKIP“. Brilliant satire on the lefts monopoly of comedy.