cartoonPat Condell : Brilliantly satirical and hard hitting.

UKIP : Our only hope.

Front Page Magazine: David Horowitz. American and International affairs.

Gatestone Institute : International Policy Council : Think Tank.

The Religion of : Comprehensive coverage of Islamic terrorism on a daily basis.

Watts up With That,( WUWT ) : Great climate sceptic site. Can be a bit technical but that’s its strength.

Guido Fawkes : Great political site with a twist.

Butterflies and Wheels : Fighting fashionable nonsense. Thought provoking philosophy/current affairs.

Breitbart London : Online News. Tells you what the BBC wont.

The Lord Monckton Foundation: Climate Warming Sceptic. Al Gore’s nemesis.

James Delingpole : Hard hitting, humerous, scourge of the climate warmers.

Islam Watch : A group of Muslim apostates tell it as it is.

Cherson and Molschky : Excellent American site. Deals with immigration, Israel and Islam.

Migration Watch UK : Non-political think tank. Statistical analysis of immigration.

Melanie Phillips : Journalist and author. Spirited defender of Israel.

Henry Jackson Society : Influential British Think Tank. Supports democracy, freedom, human rights etc.

Militant Islam Monitor. org : Reports on the activities of Militant Islam and identifies individuals involved.

Jihad Watch: First class site by Director Robert Spencer. Daily reports on Islamic terror.

Geert Wilders Netblog : Says it like it is.

Dry Bones Blog : Fighting anti-Semitism by means of cartoons. Great site

The Savvy Kafir : Hard hitting, satirical, not afraid to shock.

Political Islam : Series of video lectures by Bill Warner. A must visit site. marvellous.

Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs : Anyone who is banned from the UK must be good.

Creeping Sharia : Excellent site. Highly informative.

iPayMyJizyaWith.357. Great Twitter Site.

ViveCharlie : Fantastic satirical Twitter site.

Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs : Informative site for Israeli Issues.

UN Watch : Very revealing and informative.

The Clarion Project : Dedicated to fighting Islamic extremism.

Under the blag flag. Radio free Europe. Reports from countries where free press is banned. Highly informative.