Time Magazine letters,                                      5th November 2005

Dear Sir,

Your article, “The Enemy Within” on Generation Jihad in Europe, has taken entirely the wrong end of the stick. Once again, we find the Muslims presenting themselves as “victims” of the way European societies run – as if the native British and Europeans are expected to be ever so apologetic about it. Don’t be fooled by it all. The real story is very different.

These people deliberately exploited the immigration protocol, which was designed for a loose mixed-bag of stand-alone,unconnected, leaderless, non-organised individuals, who were expected simply to blend discreetly into the host country’s society – purely in the role of individuals – so that (politically speaking) you hardly noticed they were there. Instead, they massively abused and violated the immigration system as a means of building ethnically/ religiously distinct colonies for themselves in other countries outside their own native heritage – which is precisely what immigrants are not supposed to do.

Their entry into European countries, en masse,, was organised by large international agencies, and – as far as I am aware – heavily subsidised and/ or aided by cheap loans from wealthy extremist groups in Saudi Arabia,, who had ambitions of establishing Islamic colonies in every country in Europe; and they used the vast wealth of Arab oil money to do it.

They relentlessly pursued, planned, large -scale city-grabbing in cities built by, and previously inhabited and run almost exclusively by the legitimate native population; and systematically built themselves into ethnically distinct, power hunting blocs for political purposes. These include seizing political control of certain areas of cities, making arrogant, tribalistic, political demands for their own ethnic groups – grossly in excess of their constitutional rights – and trying to buy political favours for themselves, either through financial sweeteners to political parties, or by exploiting the “Ethnic Gerrymandering” effect which their city- grabbing facilitated.

Then, when the native population complain about all these practices, the immigrants have the unbridled impertinence to throw themselves into serious and really nasty physiological warfare against the natives. With all that tribalistic, artificially produced, ethnic fragmentation going on, how do immigrants have the gall to spout the same old, cliché-ridden, emotional blackmail, propaganda garbage about “racism” and “religious prejudice”?! These terms don’t affect me one bit, for I have long since seen them for the hollow, chicanery-driven fraud that they really are.

Misfits can leave: I side with the legitimate native population every time.

Evelyn A.R.Ward.

Very well said.