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evelyn_ward_2This blog has been set up in honour of my late wife Evelyn Ward who died on 25th October 2014 after a long and cruel two and a half year battle with lung cancer. However, while this was going on Evelyn was already fighting another personal battle, the roots of which went much further back in time.

It began when the premiership of the UK was in the clutches of that perfidious and self seeking Prime Minister Tony Blair and his equally insidious crony Gordon Brown. These two chancers deliberately and with “Malice Aforethought” introduced open door uncontrolled immigration to the UK, with the secret intention of subjecting the British people to a cynical program of social engineering, the express purpose of which was to rig the electoral system in favour of the Labour Party, and by definition themselves. It also had the added advantage, from the leftist ideological point of view, of promoting Multiculturalism.

Evelyn correctly identified this blatant political corruption for what it was, but until recently the Labour Party has dishonestly and cynically waved aside any criticism. It was they claimed “merely a mistake”. We now know with absolute certainty due to the revelations by Blair’s former political advisor Andrew Neather, and by the “Prince of Darkness” Peter Mandelson himself, that it was in fact true that Blair and Brown deliberately and for political reasons ” Opened up the UK to mass immigration”, and to ” Rub the Right’s nose in diversity”. Evelyn began a personal campaign, writing to Prime Ministers over the ensuing years, and to Cabinet Ministers, MP’s, Members of the House of Lords, newspapers, magazines and TV Channels. She even wrote to the Secretary General of the UN about the horrors of people trafficking, but of course, got no reply.

In July 1999 Evelyn appeared in person to deliver a speech to a hostile Royal Commission of the House of Lords. As usual she didn’t pull her punches and did not let the scowling Lords put her off. One would think that facing imminent and certain death most people would drop such concerns and concentrate on their own immediate problems, but not Evelyn, she was made of tougher stuff, and she never gave up. She was worried not about herself, but for what she saw as a looming disaster for her children, her Grandchildren and the country which she loved.

Shortly before she died Evelyn decided to have one last attempt at having her concerns heard. She bought a Web Cam and learnt how to use it. She proposed to set up at least two You Tube Videos voicing her concerns in the hope that her fears would reach a wider public. The problem was, that the cancer was now so far advanced she had great difficulty breathing and she could barely string a single sentence together without gasping or coughing. Never daunted Evelyn took it upon herself to take a double dose of Morphine before each recording. It worked and she was able to speak her piece.

Three days before the end Evelyn told me with difficulty that she was so sad that her videos had received very few hits and not one comment. She looked at me and said ” Was it all for nothing?”. I promised her there and then that I would make sure she was heard, and so we have Evelyn’s Blog. Which one of our grubby little politicians do you think would have the guts and integrity to take the fight to their last literal gasp? I leave the reader to answer! So if you read this please go on to You Tube Immigrants: Rights they don’t have and House of Lords reform speech: Ethnic quotas are unlawful, And make a comment, even if you disagree.