Mr Euan Robson,
MSP,Scottish Parliament,

Dear Mr Robson,

I must present to you, for your most urgent attention, an extremely serious political complaint, concerning Mr Colin Boyd, QC, the Solicitor- General.

The above mentioned gentleman is behaving illegally if he is making any moves towards increasing by six (or any other number) the number of “Asian” lawyers working for the Crown Prosecution Service (as was reported in “Scotland on Sunday”). He has no constitutional powers or right to do any such thing. It is illegal under present laws to appoint people to public office on the grounds of their ethnicity. He must be stopped.

This is another example of what I see as a drive towards the awarding of ” Ethnic Quotas” or ” Ethnically- defined Employment Targets”. Call them what you will, they are still illegal, and the ” thin edge of the wedge” is not to be permitted in any shape or form. Immigrants to this country were admitted under an immigration system designed for a mixed-bag, random assortment of stand- alone, unaffiliated, leaderless, non-organised, diverse origin individuals, who were expected to disperse and blend into our society as they found it. They were never expected to set themselves up as distinct, organised ethnic-blocs, nor to seek any special powers, privileges or concessions for this ethnic group or that.

It is entirely wrong for any politicians to either condone, encourage or collude with that. Immigrants and their offspring are expected to accept that they entered this country entirely within their own private adventure, and that no non-native ethnicities are owed any special status for political purposes, in the world of employment or any other aspect of our society.

It has become all too clear, however, that we have a major problem on our hands, whereby certain immigrant groups contain a large number of highly ambitious, organised, politically motivated, high pressure Ethnic- Activists. Their aims include pushing constantly for some recognised status and political power for their own ethnic group – and that is a highly dangerous situation. It is only too obvious that certain groups, especially those who persist in referring to themselves as the “Asian Community” ( in total contravention of the protocol described above, have been seizing every excuse to push for a system of ethnic quotas in public sector employment – especially for their own ethnic group. Every emotional blackmail trick and propaganda ploy is swung into action, to pressurize and brainwash MPs, local councillors, and others in the political sphere, and in public sector services into believing that all their demands are reasonable.

It is also well known that certain immigrants pay large sums of money into Labour Party funds to manipulate political thinking, the political climate and political action in favour of their own ethnic groups. This kind of political manouevering is utterly scandalous and must be stopped now! It is entirely wrong – indeed it amounts to Gross Political Malpractice and Gross Constitutional Impropriety – for politicians and political parties to seek political gains for themselves by “fixing” special arrangements for this or that ethnic or social group in return for donations to party funds. Yet it almost certainly goes on!! This is what several retired American Presidents have denounced as ” Legalised Bribery” or ” Cosmetised Corruption” and does nothing but enormous harm.

Mr Colin Boyd, must be very badly brainwashed by all these organised Ethnic Activists to put forward such a scheme as this. He really should know far better than this, and must be urged to mend his way of thinking as soon as possible. Perhaps he has been brainwashed and pressurised by Labour Party officials, who care more about the flow of funds into Labour Party finances, together of course with “vote- grabbing” and “enclave-grabbing”, than concerns about political and constitutional propriety.

The Chokar murder case was certainly a most regrettable matter, but Ethnic Activists must not be allowed to use it as an emotional blackmail, propaganda excuse to seize ” Jobs for the Boys” and special powers  or privileges for any particular non-native group. I do not know if Mr Boyd is motivated by “crony- pleasing” here, but serious suspicions have certainly been aroused. We do not operate any kind of Ethnic-Targets for any other ethnic groups ( we don’t even do it for the Irish). So why are we seeing this Big Push to do it for “Asians”? This is highly improper and cannot be permitted.

Neither am I in any way favourably impressed by Mr Boyd’s open, public chanting of “Anti-White” propaganda. How dare he refer to the native British as “White”? The indigenous British, in their own homeland, are the legitimate, established nation of this country, by impeccable historic and ancestral right: they are not to be referred to as “White”. How dare he use that word as if it were a pejorative term? How dare he claim that the legal framework in this country is far too “White”? If that isn’t a highly offensive “Racist” term – what else is it? Where did he get all this , obviously pre-packaged ” Anti-White” propaganda from? It is not at all hard to guess.

It is all too obvious that he has fallen under the influence of Ethnic Activists within certain immigrant enclaves, who are constantly pushing for some kind of recognised status for their own ethnic groups and of course, ethnic leadership powers and status for themselves. Of course, all this “Anti-White” propaganda is somehow passed off as high- level altruism. It is truthfully , nothing of the kind. Indeed it is the exact reverse.

I must urge you not to be taken in by this over-used, over-bearing “con- trick” of the word ” Racism”. Far too many politicians scuttle for cover as soon as it appears, without even thinking about analysing the context in which it is used. All to often, it is used as a means of ” automatically-geared” emotional blackmail to give totally fallacious arguments a façade of completely bogus respectability and false validity. We are a single-nation country, which took over a 1000 years of turbulent history and hard work, over many generations, to unite into one. We do not divide along ethnic lines. Immigrants of non-native ethnicities will have to live with that fact, and recognise that there are no special concessions, quotas, privileges or special status for any particular immigrant groups.

Yours sincerely,

Evelyn Ward.

Euan Robson forwarded Evelyn’s letter to Colin Boyd, who in turn replied to Mr Robson who then forwarded Colin Boyd’s reply to Evelyn. Unfortunately, I do not have the copy of that reply and am unable to print it, but the content will be made clear by Evelyn’s response to it next. At the end of her response I will give the reader a brief idea about the man Evelyn was taking on, and if I may say so, trouncing.

Mr Euan Robson, MSP,
The Scottish Parliament,
George 1V Bridge,

Dear Mr Robson,

You may remember a letter I received (via yourself) in early January, from Mr Colin Boyd, QC. I had been complaining about far too much pandering, at a political level, to certain immigrant ethnic groups. That reply has been shown to several different people, and I think it is time I returned a response to it. I apologise for not having done so much earlier than this, but I have been gathering views together.

I was particularly offended by the sentence in which Mr Boyd wrote “Many people in ethnic minorities will find Mrs Ward’s remarks offensive”. Was that intended to frighten me, in some way? If so, it has not succeeded. Mr Boyd has far more need for concern about what the people of the legitimate, native, established nation of this country find offensive.

I find all this near constant talk about ” Asian” immigrants as an “ethnic minority”, to be highly offensive. ” Asians” are ethnically the most numerous people in the entire world. Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis together account for well over 1000 million of the worlds population. In addition to this, the Chinese ( and other Orientals) are so numerous that counting has run into several1000s of millions. They are anything but an ” ethnic minority”. Neither do they qualify for official recognition as an “ethnic minority” within this country. As I have previously stated in essays, they have neither any historical claim or constitutional right for this.

The  indigenous British nation, by contrast, are a mere 50million of the world’s population, and the Scots are a mere 5million.

If anyone in political circles thinks that they are chasing wonderfully , virtuous haloes by talking about “ethnic minorities” as if they were some entity in the greatest need of sympathy and special defence, when they really mean immigrants constantly trying to gain concessions and favours for their own ethnic groups, it is time they straightened out their ideas – for these “haloes” are entirely artificial and bogus. Anyone in British politics, who wants to take up the ” let’s defend Ethnic Minorities” line, should remember to start their own nation first. We are one of the world’s ethnic minorities – not the immigrants. We are the ones who need the defending. Anyone denying this is merely seeking political support from those who want to keep the profits from immigrant trafficking – and cheap ” black- market” imported labour – as high as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Evelyn Ward.

Colin Boyd QC, Lord Advocate, later to become Baron Boyd of Duncansby was appointed to the House of Lords by the Labour Party of which he was a member ( no surprise there then). His appointment to the peerage was brought into question by the Metropolitan Police in their investigations into Scotland Yards ” cash for peerages investigation”, but nothing came of it. Well it wouldn’t, would it? His next claim to fame was in leading the prosecution of Abdelbaset ali Megrahi in the shamefully rigged Lockerbie Trial, and the part played by Boyd and the prosecution is still to this day being called into question. As if that wasn’t enough Boyd as Solicitor General was given the task of prosecuting Detective Constable Shirley McKie who was falsely accused by the Scottish Criminal Record Office (SCRO)  fingerprint officers, of leaving her fingerprints at the scene of a murder. It was revealed that the fingerprint officers had rigged the evidence and DC McKie was acquitted with £750,000 compensation. Boyd refused to bring the guilty corrupt police fingerprint officers to trial and they were reinstated in their jobs. This, despite an investigation by James Mackay QPM which recommended that they be prosecuted. An attempt was made to cover up the report by Mackay, but it was eventually leaked by The Scotsman newspaper. Once again questions were asked about Boyds part in the affair, but of course it went no further.

This was the man whom Evelyn, a lone housewife, took on and I think you will agree with me, kicked his a–e.