Immigrants, I regret to say – especially those who have come into our society purely for their own private economic motives – can be surprisingly , and regrettably, bigoted people. They tend to have very little respect for the fact that one nation, and one nation only, holds the unique historic, ancestral and territorial rights to this country; and that same single nation developed the whole country, built all the towns and cities, modernised all the agriculture, created productive industry and modern transport / communication systems, developed all the public services, and created both the modern high-technology society and everything in it’s ancient heritage. Moreover, immigrants tend to believe that they should have all kinds of rights, which are sheer constitutional fiction.
Here, therefore – to put the record straight – is a brief summary of a Bill of Non-Rights.

1) They do not have a greater right to enter somebody else’s country, than the established host nation of that country has to keep them out. Immigration is only justifiable, in situations where immigrants are genuinely wanted.

2) They do not have the right to engage in the internationally notorious, and highly offensive, practice known as “City-Grabbing”. Neither do they have any right to claim any areas, nor any schools or any other public-service facilities within these areas as “theirs”.

3) They do not have the right to expect completely unopposed, totally passive acceptance from the native population, of the formation of large, non-native ethnically defined ghetto’s within the cities of this nation. Neither, do they have the right to imagine that they can endlessly pack the host country with all the relatives and friends they can find, together with imported brides and bridegrooms from their own homeland. Neither, do they have the right to complain constantly about “Racial Prejudice”, when the established native population present, dignified, rational, valid and legitimate political complaints about the formation of large ghetto’s in their cities, by self introduced immigrant groups.

4) They do not have the right to try to force themselves on to employers who do not wish to take them; and neither do they have the right to harass an employer by blackmail tactics, whether high-pressure or subtle, where his personal choice decides against them. They do not have the right to believe that the satisfaction of their own private needs is of greater importance than,, and can always be made to over-ride, an employer’s personal choice to support people of his own nation, if that is how the freedom of his conscience, personal conviction and private judgement guides him.

5) They do not have the right to set themselves up as ethnically-defined pressure-groups and power-blocks. They do not have the right to make any demands, political or otherwise, on behalf of any non-native ethnic group of which they claim to be members. They do not have the right to demand any special treatment for their ethnic groups.

6) They do not have the right to claim ethnically- defined quotas for employment in public services. Neither do they have any right to demand ethnic quotas for local government or parliamentary political representation, or ethnic quotas for public administration bodies  such as Health Boards and such like.

7) They do not have the right to play constantly on the “poor, oppressed ethnic minority” act.  As self- introduced, completely voluntary, opportunistic economic migrants, who came purely for the sake of pursuing their own private benefit, entirely within their own private adventure (and nothing else) they have no case to pursue in that respect whatsoever.

8) They do not have the right to drag terms such as “Racialism” down to the level of emotional blackmail and political propaganda for the purposes of political opportunism. Neither do they have any right to use invented terms such as ” Institutional Racism” as a convenient, political propaganda ploy for pressurising their way into high administrative positions, or to describe the way in which the people of the host nation will always prefer to see positions of high offices, and other key positions in our society, occupied by people of our own home nation.

9) They do not have the right to assume that, through constant use of the device of paying large sums of money into political party funds, they have somehow earned the entitlement to have all kinds of privileges “spring-loaded” in their direction; and neither do they have the right to assume that political opinions and government policies are there to be bought and sold. Neither do they have any right to believe that the persistent use of this unfortunate device will give them the irrevocable right to claim that Britain is no longer a single-nation state, and neither will it invent for them any constitutional rights or privileges, which are politically incorrect and improper to their status as voluntary economic migrants.

10) They do not have the right to assume that, because certain attitudes and practices are followed in other countries( especially those with entirely different histories and wholly different societies) that those practices and attitudes are necessarily appropriate and proper within this country.

(Well, that’ll do for a start. I can polish it up later.) How I would love to do the “Martin Luther” bit, and go pinning it up all over the place. I’d love to do the “Here I stand – I can do no other!” bit. If I could only find someone with the “Brass Balls” to publish it – and no, I don’t mean the De-Medicis.)