The uneven war – the world against Israel

bedlamIf I were to suggest that David Cameron and the UK government should release the country’s worst murderer from H.M.Prisons and appoint him to be the Home Secretary in charge of Law and Order, you would quite rightly accuse me of being insane. However, this is precisely what the UK, US and most of the worlds States are doing at the so called United Nations. To call it Bedlam would be an understatement.

Saudi Arabia has recently been elected to chair the UN Human Rights Council ( UNHRC). The inmates have taken over the asylum. Insanity has reached a level of absurdity which should be hilarious if it wasn’t so serious. Saudi Arabia has one of the worlds worst Human Rights records, and to use a truism, everybody knows it. It’s like putting a fox in charge of the chicken run then wondering why the chickens have all disappeared.

If we take the trouble to read the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it becomes immediately obvious that Saudi Arabia are in flagrant breach of every single one of the 30 articles, including the preamble, EVERY SINGLE ONE. Has the whole world become infected by some mysterious neurological and cognitive insanity? Has the world turned upside down and all our previous values suffered from a complete reversal, where bad becomes good, and wrong becomes right, or are we just asleep and having a nightmare which we will all wake up from? It would be nice to think that the latter was true.

Wind-Turbine-Major-Wind-FarmIt is not only the question of Human Rights which bedevil the sanity of the UN. It is the UN which drives the whole Climate Warming “certainty”, I almost said “debate”, but as far as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is concerned there is no need for debate, the science is ” Settled” and reinforced by ” Consensus”, so debate becomes unnecessary in the addled minds of the UN. The study of science can never be settled, nor can it be decided on the basis of consensus. It was once settled by consensus that if we sailed far enough across the ocean we would fall off the edge of the Earth. Todays consensus becomes tomorrows joke, todays settled science becomes tomorrows myth.

To make it even more farcical todays IPPC’s interim chairman is Ismail Abdel Rahim El Gizouli, a Sudanese civil servant who was rushed in to fill the gap left by the previous chairman Dr Rajendra Kumar Pachauri an Indian railway engineer who was one of the main drivers of the “Climate Warming” scam, and had to resign because of allegations of sexual abuse of a junior colleague, and these are the men who have been, in the name of science, overseeing the destruction of the Wests economy.

Perhaps the most shameful and on-going policy of the UNHRC, is the cowardly, unjust and corrupt harassment of the State of Israel. The UN has persistently attempted to undermine and delegitimize Israel. The UN routinely raises ill-founded resolutions against Israel for supposed breaches of Human Rights while totally ignoring many other countries who’s record on Human Rights are so bad that they should be barred from membership of the UN. Many of these countries, in particular the Arab Muslim countries make no secret of their blatant Anti-Semitism and Jew hatred. Yet, like Saudi Arabia they are regularly appointed to bodies like the UNHRC, to supposedly oversee and bring about the demise of the very practices that they themselves are most guilty of. You couldn’t make it up.

knessetThe State of Israel and the Jewish people both within Eretz Israel and the wider diaspora have contributed more than most, and perhaps more than any, to Western civilization, whether it be in science, medicine, engineering, the Arts, or any field of human endeavour. Israel is the only true democracy in the entire Middle East. Since the first elections in the Israeli legislative parliament, the “Knesset”, there have been 77 past and present Arab and Druze elected members, most of them being Sunni Muslims, with at least one Christian and one with no religious affiliation. Many of these people have held influential positions. How many Jews have held positions in the governments of any Arab Muslim country? It’s a rhetorical question.

Israel is without doubt a free democratic nation State with a Human Rights record second to none. The courage, strength and fortitude of her people have been tested and found to be resolute on many occasions. So does all this make Israel a perfect State? No! Far from it. Israel sometimes makes mistakes, and occasionally one of its citizens oversteps acceptable boundaries, but when it happens Israel steps up to the mark and deals with it. What does this make Israel into then? Judged against the very best the world has to offer, it makes Israel perfectly normal, and against most of her neighbours and much of the world, it makes her a shining light in a sea of darkness.

israels faultYet this is the very State and people whom the UN has singled out for unique and singular condemnation. It is the measure of the UN’s unfitness for purpose. When I say that the UN is unfit for purpose I do not mean that the administrative staff or some paper- pushing bureaucrat in a huge building complex at Turtle Bay in Manhattan is unfit for purpose. It is the member States who constitute the UN and it is they who pass or reject resolutions, most of which in the last few decades, have been little more than anti-Semitic Jew hating vindictiveness, and by there very nature act against the UN’s own Declaration of Human Rights, and should never have been proposed let alone passed.

The UN is nothing more than the sum of its membership, and for too long the member States have abused the original purpose of the UN. Some, like the Islamic States use it to inflict malice on those whom they hate and oppose. Some use it as an excuse for their own cowardice and lack of conviction, pointing to a massive construction of concrete and steel in Manhattan, and saying “it’s not our fault, honest, it’s them”.

The organization of nation States called the UN should be disbanded because it does more harm than good, but perhaps we could put the enormous complex of buildings at Turtle Bay to excellent use by housing the hundreds of thousands of refugees which Obama, Cameron, Merkel and others think so beneficial to the West. Refugees who wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the barbarism and decadence of the Islamic members of the UN in the first place. If the combined nation States of the UN were to lose their conspiratorial platform, then perhaps Eretz Israel would be left alone to defend itself from the Jew hatred of its neighbours, something which it has already shown it can do all by itself.