refugees welcomeI read an article in Breitbart London dated 11/09/2015 which features a video of Breitbart’s Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam being set up by Channel 4’s lefty progressive hatchet man Krishnan Guru-Murthy. The subject of the interview was of course the present “Migrant Crisis” ( You know, the crisis which would never happen. Yes, that one), and it was obvious but not surprising that Raheem was going to be the evil face of right-wingism, and the two women seated opposite were going to be the human face of progressive altruism. The women were introduced as Caitlin Moran ( who is a columnist for The Times newspaper) and Hella Pick, who was we were told one of the original Kindertransport children to escape to Britain from Nazi Germany and Austria between 1938 – 1940. Not a word about the fact that Hella Pick was the “Guardian” newspapers UN correspondent, but her bona fide credentials as a pre WW2 migrant was established and presumably her unassailable authority to speak on the matter of immigration confirmed.

It is true what Breitbart said about the interview, the headline read “Breitbart London Editor in Chief Wrong-foots Lefties on Migrant Charity Song.” Raheem definitely left his three opponents looking a bit silly, but as much as I respect Raheem Kassam, like so many before him he failed to deliver the knock-out punch, and it was available to him.

The liberal leftist progressives habitually and often successfully deploy the ” high moral ground” in defence of their policies, and all three of Raheem’s opponents attempted just that, but when Hella Pick used the old worn out argument that Britain needed to encourage even more migrants to come here, she laid herself open to charges of either badly mistaken or more likely false altruism. She made great play of Britain’s perceived need for more and more doctors, nurses and skilled engineers. Did she actually imagine that Syria and Africa’s poorest nations have such a huge surplice of such people, so much so that they can easily afford to ship them all off to the fourth richest nation on earth, who one would have thought could easily afford to train their own people for these jobs.

Fully trained doctors, nurses and skilled engineers or workers are among the most valuable assets for any nation state, and this is particularly the case for underdeveloped countries or countries who are experiencing warfare. Many of these countries are the very countries which are fighting against widespread and often epidemic disease, like Aids, Malaria and Ebola, and how can an underdeveloped country develop without skilled engineers? Successive UK governments and the National Health Service have been “poaching” these vital assets from the third world for decades. So much so that the UK has become an international pariah.

So no! Britain’s continued asset stripping in the underdeveloped world is not altruistic. It is not adopting the “high moral ground”. It is in fact the complete opposite, it is shameful, and anyone like Hella Pick who claims it is essential for our selfish interests is a charlatan and should be confronted with her Gaurdianista hypocrisy. Britain’s need for doctors, nurses and skilled engineers is not justification for weakening the economies and social structures of developing countries because these countries can never develop if we continue to asset strip their best and finest. Nor is it justification for encouraging hundreds of thousands of economic migrants to desert their own countries and come to Britain and Europe.

The shameful irony of it all is that at the same time as we are poaching medical staff from the poorest parts of the world, charities like Mèdecins Sans Frontiéres, sometimes known as “Doctors Without Borders” are advertising for volunteer medical staff from Britain and Europe to go and help these same countries, and so the merry-go-round goes round and round endlessly. Britain gives aid to countries like Zambia who use some of the money to train medical staff 10 times cheaper than Britain can train them. Then Britain poaches the fully trained medical staff and sends Zambia more aid and on and on it goes. In 2005 only 50 out of 600 doctors trained since Zambia got its independence were still practicing in Zambia.

When Britain and Europe’s well off progressive self righteous middle class lovies march in our streets with placards proclaiming ” Welcome” to all of the third worlds poor, it is they who are helping to perpetuate the poverty, with their insatiable demand for cheap labour at the expense of the countries which desperately need to develop but can’t. Their self congratulatory false altruism is nothing more than empty gesture and cheap publicity for their next No 1 hit.

So come on Raheem, Breitbart, UKIP and everyone fighting against progressive hypocrisy, when they confront you with the seemingly unanswerable question of Britain’s perceived need for migrant doctors, nurses and skilled engineers don’t just wrong-foot them, kick the feet from under them, knock them off their fake ivory tower of false morality and expose them for what they are, greedy, self seeking parasites who exploit the worlds poor for their own political ideology and their own social gratification.

Every single doctor, nurse or skilled worker who lands on Europe’s shores is one less for the parts of the world which needs them the most. Evacuating millions of mostly young people from developing countries to Europe is signing a final death warrant on the future of the countries being evacuated, and leaving a dangerous vacuum which is already being filled by the most evil Islamic death cult in human history.


See my earlier post on this subject entitled ” Britain’s New Colonialism”.