Crisis? What crisis?

It’s taken British and European governments and media one helluva long time to recognise that uncontrolled immigration leads to “Crisis” in society. My late wife Evelyn was warning about this many years ago, as was Nigel Farage and UKIP for at least a decade, but all we got was racist, bigot and Islamophobic slurs for our efforts. Now, all we hear from the progressive politicians and media is crisis, crisis, crisis. So does this mean that they have all accepted that they too are racists, bigots and Islamophobes. I suspect not.

I see that Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that the UK will take ” it’s fair share” of refugees from Syria, but that he will restrict it to taking refugees direct from the Syrian conflict rather than from the many thousands of trafficked humans who land on Europe’s shores every day. If Cameron were to target specifically the Yazidi people for entry to the UK, I would wholeheartedly support him. No people are more deserving of help than the Yazidi women and children who have been so brutally treated by ISIS.

This only goes to highlight the insanity of open-door uncontrolled immigration policy. When Britain did operate a sane immigration policy, we could afford both financially and socially to react positively to situations like the Ugandan Asians plight when Idi Amin threw the Asians out of Uganda in 1972. Not that Britain received much thanks from self confessed racists like Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, but the point is that we could at that time react positively to help people in genuine need of help without plunging ourselves into a crisis situation. It’s definitely not rocket science.

As for the present deliberately induced migration crisis: who says that this unprecedented mass migration is premeditated and orchestrated? Well! ISIS does for a start. They have been making the claim for months now. All of the Muslim world knows it and proclaims it loud and clear. At least 500,000 migrants are destined for Europe’s shores according to ISIS, but according to the worlds progressive leaders who are supposed to be protecting Western democracy and civilisation, the leaders of ISIS are just being a little bit silly and telling us all porkies.

burning aliveOdd, isn’t it? When Muslims commit acts of barbarism which had hitherto been unimaginable in there brutality, then proclaim to the world that Islam is ” A religion of peace”, the western progressive elite exhibit a credulity which stretches to infinity, and swallow it hook line and sinker, but when Muslims stand on a public platform and boast about burning people alive, murdering, torturing, enslaving, raping women and under aged children, show us photographs to prove it and then proudly pronounce that Islam is a ” Religion of war” not peace, then the progressive enablers refuse to believe them; or more credibly pretend not to believe them.

It’s of interest to note that when the many thousands of predominately young men land on the shores of Italy, Greece and elsewhere in Europe, the progressive media immediately adopt the ” Palestinian convention or protocol” and point their cameras at the occasional women and children, in order to promote a more emotive and sympathetic response. It is not that these unfortunate women and children are not deserving of our sympathy, of course they are, but they are being used in a cynical propaganda war. A war in which the progressive enablers and the Islamists unfortunately usually win.

I am old enough to remember a time when in the West the words Muslim and Islam could only be found in a dictionary, and words and phrases like Allahu Akbar, jihadist and kuffar were totally alien and unheard of. Now they dominate our every day existence. The Islamic Empire ( Caliphate) is well on it’s way to terrible fruition and the flooding of Europe with Islamic peoples mixed in with ISIS terrorists helps to facilitate its spread.

Once again we come across the strange set of contradictions which characterize the liberal leftist progressives who never tire of showing their hatred of the concept of Empire, particularly the now defunct British Empire. Yet they do everything they can to sing the praises of past Islamic Empires as grotesque examples of enlightenment. President Barak Hussein Obama the would be Caliph of Washington is a prime example of this. When he said that  the Muslim call to prayer was ” One of the prettiest sounds on earth, at sunset”, he didn’t tell us what he thought about the sound of screams from burning kuffars, or the wails of raped women and children caused by his ” religion of peace”, and it’s all coming to a street near us, by the boat load.

We have just heard that Austria and Germany have opened the floodgates to the many thousands of refugees in Hungary, and that “the crisis is over”. What a ridiculous idea. The very acceptance of all these economic and political migrants is an integral part of an on going crisis, and this latest batch of migrants is only the beginning of further crisis inducing massive movements of peoples from one Islamic hell-hole to the soon to be Western Islamic hell-hole. The crisis will not abate.

refugee crisis