21st Century Progressive Appeasement


chamberlain and churchillPerhaps the most well known and most written about example of appeasement is the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s failed attempts to appease Adolph Hitler prior to the outbreak of WW2. It prompted the much quoted and memorable statement by Winston Churchill.

” You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war”.

There is no doubt that Churchill’s statement was both keenly astute and prophetic, and the world was about to learn the truth of it in the most disastrous way. However, no matter how misguided and disastrous Chamberlains failure was, he at least did it for the best possible reasons. He did it for peace and in the defence of freedom and democracy.

Most of what I have said above has already been said by Clifford D May in an article entitled ” The problem with appeasement” published in Israel Hayom. September 2. 2015. It is well worth reading and can be read here. I would however like to take the discussion much further by suggesting that the 21st century Progressive appeasement which is being enacted at an unprecedented level today, is being carried out for a much less noble reason than that of the unfortunate Chamberlain.

In what’s left of the free democratic West today the liberal leftist progressive elite and their cultish followers have quite another agenda. Not for them the defence and preservation of democracy. Not for them a misguided but well intentioned appeasement of Iran and the world of Islam in general. The progressive appeasers do so in the role of “enabler”. The weakening, undermining and eventual over-throwing of Western democracy is their agenda. They foolishly envisage an imaginary Utopia run by what they would call a ” benevolent dictatorship”. If you think that this is too far fetched, just bear in mind the unfortunate existence of the European Union.

Almost all of Europe has been sucked in and gobbled up by a completely undemocratic, corrupt, inefficient ” benevolent dictatorship”, of unelected, smug, all knowing ( in their own arrogant minds) bureaucrats, who have succeeded in creating a slightly more ” benevolent ” version of the Stalinist Soviet Union, complete with all it’s corruption and inefficiencies. In the words of Mikhail Gorbachev –

“The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.” And who would know better than Gorbachev?

The recent shameful appeasement of Iran by the President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama and David Cameron et al is an obvious example of progressive ” enablement”. Their fake and reprehensible attempts to ” negotiate” with Iran on its nuclear ambitions has been preceded by a decade of deliberate undermining of Eretz Israel’s security and desire to exist, and all to appease Iran and the Islamic world in general. I leave the reader to decide where the roots of Obama’s ideologies lie.

Israel is the only true free democratic State in the region of Arabic and Islamic influence. It is also one of the very few genuine free democratic States anywhere in the world but it is a hindrance to both the Islamic dream of a worldwide Islamic Empire, and to the progressives dream of a worldwide ” benevolent Dictatorship”, so must be neutralised. In their strange delusional minds the Western progressives believe that Muslims are their “useful idiots” and can be cast aside as soon as the West has been prepared for their non-democratic Utopia: unfortunately for them, Islam believes that it is the progressives who are the ” useful idiots” and given the religion of peace’s unprecedented and proven ruthlessness, it seems to me that the progressive ” useful idiots” will quickly be subjected to the same fate as the rest of us.

” The benevolent dictatorship” of the EU is already crumbling at the edges with a severe economic crisis in Greece, and Italy, Spain and Portugal teetering on the brink, and now the EU is facing a massive migrant crisis instigated and financed by Islam and “enabled” by the progressive ” useful idiots” themselves. My late wife Evelyn predicted just such a migrant crisis many years ago and was sneered at for doing so. Her only thanks for what has proven to be prophetic was to be branded a racist and Islamophobe, and the “all knowing progressive chant of ” Crisis? What crisis?” So here we are, and she was right.

images7WWQLVUOOnly a matter of weeks ago Nigel Farage, UKIP and UKIP supporters were being savaged by the UK political elites and the media for even daring to suggest there was a migrant problem. Now with the situation in Hungary and elsewhere, it cannot be denied and the newspapers are plastered with the word “Crisis”, the Television Channels just the same. The BBC are using the words ” Migrant Crisis” like it was a stuck gramophone needle. Meanwhile, radical Islam is laughing all the way to it’s next torture location as they continue to flood more and more of their terrorists into Europe mixed in with the tragic women and children, who are being trafficked across the Mediterranean by the same evil bastards who caused the women to flee in the first place.

Somehow I don’t think the West’s liberal leftist progressive enablers will win the war of the “useful idiots”, but they will no doubt bugger up democratic civilisation in the attempt. I wonder what they will think when it becomes their turn to hang upside down dressed in an orange boiler suit while the flames lick around their poor tortured bodies? Will they think that democratic civilisation wasn’t such a bad thing after all, or will they just blame it all on some imagined racist and Islamophobe? Probably the latter.