M.A.R.I.A.S. (Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia.

I have been inspired to write this after seeing an interview on the Glasov Gang Blog with a woman who I am ashamed to say I hadn’t heard of before. Her name is Toni Bugle and she has won my complete respect and admiration for speaking with a refreshing candour, frankness and long needed passion about a subject close to the heart of Evelyn’s Blog, namely the disgusting and filthy treatment of young underage girls by Muslim grooming gangs, and yes! Any non-Muslim scum like Jimmy Savile et al. Who have done the same.

Toni Bugle comes with the greatest recommendation any decent person could possibly get. “The Mirror” rag sheet accuses her of ” spouting anti-Islamic hatred” and of being ” on the far right”. That’s good enough for me, she gets the Victoria Cross, the Medal of honour and the Croix de guerre all rolled into one for me. Not that it bothers Toni, she just flushes “the Mirror” down the toilet like the shit-paper it is.

The main point of this post is the fact that when most of the media report on the thousands of child rape and molestation cases both in this country and throughout the world, perpetrated by mostly Muslim thugs, they report it as if it was just another routine piece of news which they grudgingly need to report. A point which I have raised on this blog before. They constantly under-report it and treat the issue as if it were of little importance, because of course we must never offend the Muslim community.

rapistsuntitledToni Bugle was herself a victim of Muslim rape, and while I can only guess at the nightmare she has had to live through, I am nevertheless a human being, a member of the species Homo Sapiens sapiens, and I am a Grandfather who loves his Grandchildren. Is it even possible that any human parent, Grandparent or for that matter any human being with even a modicum of humanity could not hate the Islamic alien species who perpetrate these acts of sexual depravity and barbarism?

When Toni Bugle lets rip with her unashamed passion against the sexually inadequate alien creatures who rape little children, she is merely doing what every one of us should be doing, screaming at the top of our voices for it to be ended. Do the so-called reporters in the media like “The Mirror” not have daughters or grand-daughters? Would they not hate any Muslim rapist who defiled their children? If not, they are very sick minded people and no better than the rapists themselves.

Lest anyone comes out with the old worn out apology for Islam, that it isn’t just Muslims who do it, let me say right away that of course it isn’t, but there is a huge difference. When Muslims rape little children they do it with the full sanction of their God, their Qur’an and their prophet Muhammad who was himself a self confessed child molester. Moreover, they treat both female children and women as inferior beings in the full knowledge that their religion not only sanctions it, but demands it.

rapistsaToni Bugle is the founder of M.A.R.I.A,S ( Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia ) She posts on Twitter, Facebook and her videos can be found on You Tube here and here. Listen to what she has to say and follow her, and I promise you she does not pull her punches.