Anne-Marie-WatersFirst of all I would like to apologise for the inactivity on Evelyn’s Blog over the past few weeks. I’ve just come back from a wonderful holiday with my family, and it was a relief to escape from the insanity of the world for a short time.

The first thing I noticed when I came back was that Anne Marie Waters had called off her Mohammed Cartoon Exhibit, planned for September, in London. ( Breitbart August 17, 2015 ) There was more chance of Mohammed appearing in person wearing a drag costume than there ever was of this event ever taking place, I regret to say. According to Anne Marie she had consultation with the London Police and the anti-terrorist Police, and I bet a pound to a penny that it wasn’t about the Police providing protection for the venue. The reason Anne Marie gave for the cancellation was a genuinely civilised and caring one. It was the fear that innocent people may well have been killed or harmed, but then this is 21st Century progressive Britain. She wrote in her article – ” The only responsible thing to do was to pull back and try to learn some lessons. I have not learned lessons as much as I have had my suspicions confirmed. There are two major messages to take on board from this episode; 1) Britain is a frightened nation, and 2) our freedom is not going away, it has gone.”

Sadly, I have to agree with her final points. Britain is no longer “Great”, nor is it a “United”Kingdom. Years of Marxist leftist progressive politics have slowly but surely eroded the people of this countries resolve to be ” Great”. Two thousand years of sometimes fearful struggle to develop a free civilised nation has been washed down the drain, in pursuit of a dangerously false Utopian nightmare, and Islam has been quick to take advantage of it.

I also agree with Pamela Gellers comments on this issue on her Blog. ” My advice to any freedom activists who wish to fight in defence of freedom; never give up, never give in, never surrender – most especially to devout savages.” As I said, I agree with that, but then it is relatively easy for me, residing as I do in the relative safety of what is left of the free world. It is not so easy for those Bloggers and writers who live in the lair of the beast, or for those who visit countries like Bangladesh. Dr Avijit RoyOn Thursday 20th August, American- Bangladeshi Blogger and writer Dr Avijit Roy was attacked and brutally murdered in Dhaka by machete wielding Muslims. His wife Rafida Ahmed courageously tried to protect him but was also seriously wounded with a deep machete wound to her head. Dr Roy had said that – ” Faith based terrorisms are nothing but viruses – if allowed to spread they will wreck havoc on society in epidemic proportions”. A comparison I have made already on this Blog, and one which is well justified.

The Islamic satanic nut-jobs who perpetrated this act of barbarism have made up a list of 84 Bloggers who they wish to kill. Five of them, including Dr Roy have been already slaughtered, and although most of this barbarity is being enacted in the home of the beast, take it from me, the beast is coming to a street near you and me soon enough. The Marxist leftist progressives in the west better wake up to the realisation that if they ever achieve their goal of overturning western democracy, the beast will come for them first.

I subscribe to the suggestion by Dr Bill Warner that we pro- civilisation Bloggers have two enemies. The “far enemy” whose identity is obvious, and the ” near enemy” who are members of our own political and social elites, and who are maliciously and gleefully opening the doors of the beasts cages for their own devious political and ideological ends. For that reason I am happy to call myself a dissident.