A Date Which Will Live In Infamy

Monday July 20th 2015 – a date which will live in infamy. The parody of President Franklin D Roosevelt’s famous speech about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour may seem to be an obvious and frivolous one, but in this case it is well justified.

imagesYF6PL1JCOn the above date 54 nations of the UN’s Economic and Social Council voted by a majority of 42 to condemn the State of Israel for its policies in the so called Occupied Palestinian Territory and in the Occupied Syrian Golan. Only 2 nations voted against the Resolution, the USA and Australia. There were 2 abstentions by Panama and Honduras, and 8 cowardly States failed to turn up to vote. It is to the credit of the USA that despite Barak Obama’s numerous attempts to undermine Israel, they at least supported them this time, but the one State which can really hold its head high was Australia, a country which has a proud history of defending other free democratic countries.

This scandalous, unjust and spiteful Resolution was just the latest in a long line of maliciously contrived Resolutions against the only free democratic State in the Middle East. The fact that all these Resolutions have been sponsored by Islamic States is almost irrelevant since the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic nature of the Islamic world is so ingrained in their religious and political psyche that we could be forgiven for saying ” Ah well! They would, wouldn’t they”. To say that the world of Islam hates Jews is like saying the Ebola Virus kills people, it’s the nature of the beast.

What is more concerning, more alarming, is that almost all of the worlds free democratic States have consistently supported these malicious attacks on one of their own, whilst totally ignoring the barbaric, brutal, nihilistic and cruelty obsessed behaviour of every single Islamic State.

Eretz Israel is not a land full of saints nor is it a perfect nation State: no nation is, but compared to the darkness that surrounds it, it is a beacon of light amidst the Stygian gloom of the Islamic world, which constantly threatens it.

It is almost the entire world against one small democratic civilised State. The rest of the worlds democratic States have through fear and cowardice convinced themselves that if they sacrifice Israel to Allah, then the God of Islam will be satisfied with the offering of Jewish blood and will leave them alone. It wont work! The blood sacrifice has long been practiced throughout the history of human-kind and it never works! The droughts persist, the rains persist, the Earthquakes happen and the volcano’s erupt. All that was ever achieved was the spilling of innocent blood, and for no real purpose.

My own country once called with justification ” Great Britain” has long since ceased to merit the accolade ” Great”. When Britain’s governments and institutions consistently side with the worlds bully-boys against a democratic State¬†which has contributed much more to civilization than most, when a British Ambassador sits in the same room as the Ambassador for Syria’s nightmare Assad regime, and not only agrees with him but votes with him to further the attempt to delegitimize Israel, it exposes the shameful depths of Dhimmitude to the forces of evil which Britain has sunk.. Believe me! We will all regret it if Allah gobbles up the sacrifice then comes for us as well.

When the Islamic Empire which they call a Caliphate succeeds in enveloping us we will rue the day we refused to support Israel. It wont just be the distant Yazidi peoples children who will be raped and enslaved, it will be our children and grandchildren, and before anyone thinks to say that this is a gross exaggeration, it should be noted that Islam has already built the shameful foundations for just such an act in our cities, where Muslim gangs have already managed to rape over a thousand British children. Imagine what it will be like if they ever get control ?

The British and European elites need to wake up to the reality of the situation. If it is self interest which drives them, and it usually is, then it is in their interest that democracy and civilized society endures, or at least it should be. The Christian Churches need to cleanse their souls of the latent anti-Semitism which they display in their animosity toward Israel and the Jewish people. They should remind themselves that it was the Torah and Judaism which gave birth to the breakaway movement which became Christianity. Any differences that exist between Judaism and Christianity are mostly interpretational in nature or differences in complexity, the Torah being more complex, but the morality taught is much the same. They are both religions which value life, love , honesty etc. In contrast to the nihilistic death cult which is Islam.

As if a worldwide betrayal of Israel at the UN wasn’t bad enough, the world united to compound the injustice by once again betraying Israel with the atrocious capitulation to Iran in the deal that never was.

churchillWhen will the western democracies ever learn. Israel will never play the part of the sacrificial lamb, and if the world turns its back on Israel, then Israel will do whatever is necessary to survive, because unlike the rest of the declining western democracies, the people of Israel still retain a Churchillian spirit.