Immigrants we should help

muslim protestersToday in the UK successive governments have and still are allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants into this country, both legally and illegally. A great number of these immigrants belong to a religion and culture which is to say the least incompatible with British society and values. They refuse to integrate with British society, indeed many of them regularly parade in our city streets with placards and banners explicitly informing us that they hate everything that we stand for. They take over parts of our cities and turn them into mini-Caliphates and no-go-areas. They persistently make ” special status” demands on our government and people, demanding and getting their own alien system of Sharia Law. The list of negatives that they bring to British society is seemingly endless, but because we are told by our progressive elites over and over again that these immigrants belong to a ” Religion of Peace”, we are expected to shrug our shoulders and just accept our inevitable destiny of meek Dhimmitude.

There is however, another group of people who have values broadly speaking similar to us, who if allowed into Britain would never dream of making ” special status” demands on our society, who would never demand their own system of Law, who would gladly integrate with the British people, who would never create self imposed ” Ghettos” in our cities, and who would never parade in our streets in scenes of hate filled defiance against us.

yazidi womenThese people are the Yazidis of Northern Iraq, who have been systematically butchered, tortured, enslaved and raped, and other groups of Christians throughout the Middle East and Africa who have also suffered the same horrific fate as the Yazidis. These people genuinely and truly belong to religions of peace and have been brutally victimised by the very same ” Religion of Peace” which our progressive leaders think are so valuable to our society, but our wonderfully caring, compassionate government have decided in their wisdom to deny entry to these genuine victims who more than most are deserving of our compassion.

Are our government elites stark staring mad, are they clinically insane? I hope that this post exposes the lie that people like me are hate filled anti immigration bigots, we are not. We just want compassionate but selected and controlled immigration which will bring in people who will enrich society and not fragment it as many of existing immigrants do. It’s not so difficult to understand.

Please click on the following link to sign the petition requesting that the government allows in a group of Yazidi women and young girls who have escaped the clutches of ISIS in Northern Iraq, but who are suffering terrible from the ordeal at the hands of the ” Religion of Peace”, Click here.


One of the organisations running the petition is Jewish. That’s a poke in the eye for all those anti-Semite progressives out there.