Home Grown Terrorism : The Myth

images0EP1HBISIt’s time to end this interminable psychobabble about so called home grown terrorists, British jihadists, British Muslims being radicalized. These people are not “Home grown”, nor are they British, and they have not been recently radicalized. Put quite simply, if a Camel is born in a stable it does not become a horse. We need to stop being so damned gullible. We need to learn to recognize when we are being fed liberal progressive, guilt ridden, self hating psycho-drivel which is intended to convince us all that it is somehow British society which has failed these young Muslim people.

When Muslims who have been born in Britain or who live here commit terrorist attacks on British soil, they are by definition anti-British, not British, and the same applies to those who plan or desire to commit terrorist attacks in Britain, or attempt to commit terrorist attacks using Britain as a base for their attacks.

When you import immigrants you don’t just bring in people, you bring in their religion, their culture, their customs, their values and their propensities, and where these things are drastically different from our own, the resulting mayhem is so completely predictable. It’s not “rocket science”, and the Islamo-progressives know it only too well.

If young Muslims living in Britain are being radicalized, it is not British society that does it, nor is it the actions or inactions of British government which is responsible. Any radicalisation of young Muslims in Britain is being carried out by their parents and relatives with the willing assistance of Imams in their local Mosque. They are merely being taught the values and culture which their parents brought with them from their real home.

All too often we are confronted by young Muslims running off to Syria to join ISIS, and immediately the progressive machine jumps into action with the father of one or more of them complaining (as is their want) that the government or the police did nothing to stop them, only to find out some days later that the father, uncle or other close relative of the runaways, is an active member of some radical Muslim group ( “radical” is the polite term for “terrorist”).

female genital abuseOnly this week it was announced that some 50 young girls of Somali origin were sent out to Mogadishu to have the barbaric act of ” Female Genital Mutilation” (FGM) carried out on them. The girls were between the ages of 11 and 17. The relatives who accompanied them and the relatives who sent them are not and cannot be British, because being British is much more than a Birth Certificate or a rubber stamp on a passport. Being British is quite literally ” being British”. It is accepting to a reasonable degree British culture and values, and mutilating young girls for the sexual gratification of sexually inadequate Muslim men is no part of British culture or values, and is illegal to boot.

The point being made is that if Muslim youth in this country are having their minds poisoned or being “radicalized” from home, then that home is Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia and a whole host of other Muslim counties: and definitely not Britain, USA, France, Spain or any other non-Muslim State.

How can we rationally call a group of people who have absolutely no intention of becoming integrated into British society, who despise our liberal values for deeply and passionately held religious reasons, and who say so clearly and openly at every opportunity – British? Despite what our own progressive elite never tire of telling us, it has everything to do with Islam, and the only responsibility we have is to stop importing the followers of a lethal death cult, and perhaps hopefully rid ourselves of the progressive elite who willingly and culpably enable it to happen.


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