Article 15 and Anti-Zionism

Article 15 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states clearly that –

  • (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
  • (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality or denied the right to change his nationality.

Nowhere does it say, except for Jews. So what is it that the progressives among us┬ádon’t understand about Article 15? After all, no one uses Human Rights more than progressives to try and convince us all that they are firmly located on the summit of the high moral ground. The problem the progressives have is that they have used the negative power of the word “Racism” so aggressively and so successfully against anyone else who dares to disagree with them, that they cannot and dare not be seen to be themselves racist, and anti-Semitism is an extreme form of racism. This is why, when confronted with their innate anti-Semitism they fiercely deny it and use the cloak of anti-Zionism as if Zionism is somehow akin to racism, which they spuriously claim to be against.

Unfortunately, the progressives have once again been highly successful in indoctrinating a large number of people in the western democracies that Zionism is negative and racist, and it is this deliberate distortion of the truth that Israel and the Jewish people should be concentrating on refuting. Zionism is nothing more than the Jewish peoples desire to ” have the Right to their own nationality”, just as it says in Article 15, and just as the people of almost every other nation on Earth takes for granted.

Although the Jewish desire to have the Right to a nationality is not unique, and in fact is the norm throughout the World, it is the fact that the Jewish people have their own unique word for that desire “Zionism” which enemies of Israel have enthusiastically latched onto and allowed them to wrongly accuse them of exceptionalism. The distortion of language is what progressives do best and they make the most of it. Progressives rely on most people meekly accepting their interpretation of what Zionism is, so that they can use it to mask their own innate Anti-Semitism.

Then we have Eretz Israel’s perpetual defensive war against the surrounding genocidal intent of the world of Islam. As I’ve said before on this Blog, Israel has repeatedly shown that it is more than capable of defending itself against the might of a hostile Islam, but the never ending strain on her valuable economic resources must be tiresome, and more importantly, the perpetual test and challenge to her peoples courage and resolve must be to say the least, wearisome.

If you take a look at all 30 Articles in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights you will soon realize that Israel conforms to most, if not all of them. Take another look and you will quickly come to the unmistakable conclusion that not one single Islamic State conforms to any of the Articles. Yet Israel has more UN Resolutions passed against her than any other country in the World. So as they say in the movies, “Go figure”!

One thing we can be sure of, is that if the new Islamic Empire was ever to succeed, Eretz Israel will go down fighting, whereas the rest of the free democratic World will meekly surrender still believing that Islam is a ” religion of peace”, and that Dhimmitude to a 7th Century death cult is preferable to civilization. Bosch Fawstin sums it up nicely with his latest cartoon depicting the flag of the West, the West’s answer to the ISIS flag.