The enemy within : Proud to be a dissident.

bill warnerI was getting set to write a post titled “The enemy within”, when I came across a short video by Dr Bill Warner in which he suggests that people like himself and others who are opposed to political Islam should identify themselves as “Dissidents”, but it is the reason why Bill Warner prefers the name “Dissident, that is important, because it strikes at the heart of what I had been preparing to write. So I quote from him here –

“What should those who oppose political Islam and Sharia call themselves? Some call themselves counter-Sharia or counter-jihad. We need a better name.

Look carefully at how Islam actually expands its power. It is not the Muslims who actually do the work of Islamification. No, it is the Establishment media, schools, churches, government, and others who do the actual work. The Establishment is the near enemy and Islam is the far enemy.

Our name needs to reflect both enemies. Since we dissent from the dogma of the Establishment and Islam, the name “dissident” fulfils our needs. It also pays homage to the brave dissidents of the Soviet era. If you agree, start calling ourselves dissidents.” 

Bill Warner is absolutely right. If it wasn’t for the people he calls ” the near enemy”, or as I would have put it ” the enemy within”, Islam would not pose the threat that it does today. It is the liberal left progressives in our midst who have been the enablers. It is they who have empowered Islamic expansionism in the democratic west.

Take the UK for example. Prior to 1950 you would have been hard pressed to find even a mention in the press or media or even the slightest whisper of the word Islam, or even Muslim. The total population of Muslims in the UK in 1950 was estimated at 10,000. Compare that to today where the present Muslim population in the UK is estimated at 2.8 million and rising extremely rapidly, with a projected rise to 5.5 million in 20 years time. In England and Wales alone there was 1.5 million Muslims in 2001. By 2011 that figure had nearly doubled to 2.7 million over a period of only 10 years. Today you cannot turn on a TV set or read a newspaper without being bombarded with concerns about “home-grown Islamic terrorism”, ” home-grown Islamic radicalization” home-grown Islamic this and that. It dominates the news so completely that you could be forgiven for thinking that we live in a Muslim country.

Our Judeo-Christian values and traditions on which this countries democratic status was founded upon, is sneered at and devalued, while all our institutions like government, judiciary, police, universities and even our Christian churches are dominated by the perceived need to pander to a minority within society whose religious and cultural values are not only alien to us, but in many cases even illegal by our standard of Law, and all of this has been empowered and enabled by ” the near enemy” the ” enemy within”.

In the early 2000s the Labour government under Tony Blair and his accomplices Gordon Brown, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, opened up the floodgates of open-door uncontrolled immigration to the UK with the encouragement of the corrupt neo-Stalinist European Union, and for the now admitted reason of “ Rubbing the Rights nose in diversity . It was a cynical and politically criminal, ideologically motivated attempt, to socially engineer a new type of Britain to their own personal advantage and behind the peoples backs. It succeeded not only in importing immigrants on a massive scale, it also, and more importantly, imported criminal elements because there was no control, and also large numbers of Islamic extremists, most of whom are still here causing trouble and living off the British taxpayer. The ” near enemy” had struck with a vengeance.

Never before in Britain’s long history and in centuries of struggle to develop a democratic civilized State, have we been held to ransom by a minority alien immigrant population who persistently demand and get conditions and privileges which are denied to the native population. No native British citizen or group would ever be permitted to set up their own system of Law in opposition to the Law of the land which has been formed by Parliamentary Democracy, but Muslims have been allowed to set up Sharia courts which make rulings which are directly contrary to British Law. The list of demands and concessions goes on and on, and all enabled and empowered by our own progressive politicians, church leaders, academics, Human Rights lawyers and leftist political activists, either for political and ideological reasons or out of sheer cowardice.

So Bill Warners suggestion that we call ourselves “Dissidents” seems to me to be bang on the nail, and I’ll do just that.

Click here to listen to Bill Warner