Time to get angry

The recent terrible terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and Lyon in France are tragically not unique, but this is the way our politicians and media like to present it. 9/11,  7/7,  the Spanish train bombing,  Tunisia. All tragic events with merciful periods of peace and harmony interspersed between them, but the reality is not so convenient or simple. Islamic terrorism is never intermittent or sporadic, it is a perpetual daily occurrence. For example, we are in the middle of the Islamic month of Ramadan, a period when all Muslims are required to refrain from ” sinful behaviour” and ” fighting “. Yet so far there have been 160 Islamic terror attacks, 27 suicide bombings, 1507 murdered people, and 1948 people wounded, and Ramadan isn’t even over yet, but Ramadan isn’t unique either. Islamic terrorism is a daily event, month after month, year after year.

It is only when a terror attack strikes home that our politicians, church leaders and media become animated enough to make public pronouncements of their grief, sorrow and regret, always conditional of course, on the understanding that none of it has anything to do with the ” Religion of Peace”, Islam. It would seem that Islamic terrorism defies the principle of cause and effect. There is only effect, and a savage one at that.

As I watch the aftermath of Tunisia being played out on television ; the sad return of the victims to Brize Norton, the no doubt heartfelt words of sorrow, commiseration and regret for the victims and their families from the politicians and the media, but I can’t help feeling that there is something missing in all the sympathetic words, and that is “anger”.

Of course, when the Labour Party’s Amran Hussain was caught taking selfies at the exact place where the Tunisian massacre took place, it caused widespread anger on Twitter at his insensitivity. The outrage expressed on Twitter resulted in the Labour Party taking action to suspend Amran Hussain. Nothing like a bit of anger to get the politicians into action! Anger in Mr Hussain’s case became an enabler for action and it worked, but where is the anger being expressed against the perpetrators of the massacre, or against the killer of Hervé Cornora in Lyon, or against those responsible for killing 27 people and wounding 227 in the bombing in Kuwait the same day, or for that matter, against the murderers of many thousands of innocent victims over the years?

Messages of compassion, sympathy and sorrow for the victims and their grieving families are wonderfully praiseworthy and essential, but they need to be backed up with anger against those who cruelly create the victims in the first place, because anger is an enabler for action. Anger demands that something be done to stop the endless carnage and slaughter.

When David Cameron spoke of his sorrow at what had happened it didn’t take him long to deflect the possibility of rising anger by assuring us all that the slaughter of innocents was of course ” Nothing to do with Islam”. Islam is a “Religion of Peace” . This “Religion of Peace” mantra is code for ” Don’t get angry, don’t demand action, just pull the bedcovers over your head, and the big bad bogey man will go away. Well! Prime Minister, this particular bogey man is very real and every time we pull the cover over our heads it gets stronger and stronger, and the evidence for that is unquestionable.

ramadanThe small simple but highly effective statistical box shown on this page exposes the lie that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. It is reproduced here courtesy of TheReligionofPeace.com . A site which should be visited daily so as to see the relentless march of Islamic terrorism exposed. Click here to visit the site, and watch how the figures on the left column increase daily and the figures in the other two columns remain steadfastly fixed at “0”.

The argument that ” All Muslims are not terrorists” is a meaningless truism which feeds the lie that  “it has nothing to do with Islam”. If it is true that only a small minority of Muslims are terrorist thugs , it begs the question, why can’t 1.6 BILLION, yes BILLION, other Muslims not control them? It can only be that they have “common purpose”, even if they choose different means to achieve it, and the “common purpose” is rooted in the fact that the preaching’s of Muhammad, the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the Hadith are all followed faithfully by the terrorists, and this fact cannot or will not be refuted by the majority of so called moderates. The majority of Muslims are at the very least accessories before or after the fact and therefore culpable.

It is however important to state clearly that there is a genuine minority of Muslims , mainly Bloggers or apostates who courageously risk their lives every day to defend human rights and expose the hypocrisies of Islam. These people have my deepest respect and admiration.

So no Mr Cameron, and no Mr Obama and no all the other so called leaders of the free world, Islam does have something to do with the perpetual terror and mayhem which threatens civilization, and yes to the people of our precious free democracies, it’s time to get very angry and demand that our so called leaders get control of their cowardice and learn what the word ” leader” really means.