Images of Terror

child cruelty 13If you are reading this you have seen at least some of the images on this Blog. Many of the photographs are shocking in the extreme, but although I have published them for everyone to see, I didn’t take them, nor did some western reporter or war correspondent. No! They were taken by the Islamic alien life-forms who perpetrated the horrors which they depict.

Don’t you think there is something odd about that? After all murderers don’t often identify themselves so freely to the world. Think about it! Isis and their many Muslim affiliates are way ahead of us humans. They know the importance of imagery in penetrating the minds of we trusting, accommodating, and conciliatory non-Islamic humans. They have come to realise that we are immune to language : after all they have been trying for years to tell us exactly what they intend to do to us, but we just smile and say “Oh! They don’t really mean it” or “Oh! It’s just a tiny minority, nothing to worry about”. We watch with pacified wonder when Islamists take over our streets with placards containing words which explicitly tell us that they intend to dominate us and enslave us, but the words just float over our heads, while our police escort them and protect them from anyone who might just believe them.

The Islamists have moved from a war of words to a war of images, in order to instil fear and dread into the hearts of the “Kuffir”, that’s you and me, and with great success, at least among the political elite and the media, where fear of Islam has reached unprecedented heights. So much so that a very real state of dhimmitude now exists among western politicians and most of the media.

There are no more Churchills, only an endless succession of Chamberlains, who do not wish to show you or I or the public at large, the disgusting reality of Islamic terror lest we get angry and demand action. These are the cowardly appeasers who live in the futile hope that if they avoid offending the “Religion of Peace”, they will somehow all just go away. Then there is the predominately leftist progressives in the western media, along with some leftist politicians who have a de facto, unholy alliance with Islam on the grounds that ” My enemies enemy is my friend”. In Britain they are best exemplified by “The Guardian” newspaper, the BBC, Channel 4, and others. The goal of the progressives is to topple western democratic pluralism, and replace it with a homogenised one world population, with a single world state and a single central government, a deeply mistaken Utopia (Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fürher). The initial goal of Islam is exactly the same but with the end result of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. Either scenario is a worldwide nightmare in waiting.

The sickening reality of this situation is that the progressives actually believe with misplaced arrogance that when the toppling happens, somehow they will take over and Islam will just crawl back into their 7th century cave, and let them get on with it. Pigs will fly. Islam would gobble them up and spit them out quicker than you can say “dhimmi”

We the public must be shown the hellish reality of Islam’s sadistic death cult in all it’s terror inspired detail, so that we can rise up in anger and demand something be done about it, and we must be shown the Muhammad Cartoons, so that we can temper our fear with the knowledge that we can laugh at, ridicule and reject that which threatens to destroy humanity. That is why I publish disgusting photographs of Islamic depravity, not because I enjoy it, and although Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Bosch Fawstin will speak for themselves, I strongly suspect that their courageous and defiant publication of Muhammad Cartoons are done for similar reasons. I have nothing but admiration and deep respect for them, and others who refuse to bow down to the evils of Islamic terror.

So look at the unsanitised photographs on this Blog and force yourself not to look away. Then when you are suitably angry, write to your MP or your newspaper and demand action. Look at the picture of the beautiful little girl chained to railings. Look at her poor little face contorted with pain, fear and anguish. Look at her face saturated with tears. She could easily be your daughter or grandchild, and if she is still alive she will have definitely been raped and lost in despair.

child cruelty 11

Of course, the politicians and media will predictably ” Shoot the messenger”. Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Bosch Fawstin, Pat Condell and a few others including relatively unknown little me will be called “racist”, ” Islamophobic”, and preachers of hate, while all the time they ignore or sanitise the truth about the real inhuman preachers of hate who perpetrate the worst crimes against humanity in human history.