Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

The cultish “Progressive” propensity for blaming the victim, of turning the world on its head and showing empathy and even sympathy toward the guilty while attacking, often aggressively, those who seek to defend the victims, continues to infect the media and leftist circles.


winning cartoonThe most notable and recent example of this social warping of western societies values is seen in the treatment being dished out to Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller the organisers of the Garland, Texas, Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest, which was attacked by Islamic terrorists intent on killing both Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, and no doubt the artists participating as well. Fortunately a courageous policeman managed to shoot and kill both the terrorists, who had wounded a security guard, but failed to harm anyone else.


So who was to blame for this incident? Unsurprisingly, according to the “progressives” and the media in general, it was definitely not the terrorists, or perish the thought the Religion of Peace, who were merely reacting to being “offended” in the only way they knew how ( Well the last part of that sentence is correct at least). No! It was Spencer and Geller who were guilty. Guilty of committing the greatest sin from the “progressives” voluminous book of sins – offending Muslims, or even worse offending the “Prophet” sic Muhammad.

This is curious from several points of view, since very few western “progressives” are Muslims. Indeed many are atheists. Given that if Muhammad was alive today most, if not all western nations would have him firmly at the top of their ” Sex Offenders” lists, then why would western ” progressive” advocates or media even consider defending him or protecting him from offence? Could it be that it is not I or Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller who are Islamophobes? It is the western leftist “progressives and the wimpish western media who are without doubt Islamophobic, it is they who exhibit an irrational fear of Islam. In fact they are terrified out of their tiny wits.

I am not anti-religious in any way, although I am a non-believer who nevertheless believes that religion, and in particular Christianity and Judaism, offers great moral, social and personal value to both the individual and to society as a whole. However, I reserve the right, or rather I demand the right to criticise and offend any religion, culture or ideology. I demand the right to freedom of speech and no threat from Islam or cowardly “progressives” will ever succeed in denying me those rights.

Isn’t it peculiar and hypocritical that the very media who attack Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for exercising their right to free speech, are the very same media who often write or broadcast, sometimes justifiable, but often slanderous lies about people or political Parties, and then vigorously invoke their right to free speech in defence of their actions. Well! Let them put their money where their mouths are. The media does not have a monopoly on free speech. The rest of us have the self same rights and we will use them.

Oh! And by the way, my sincere thanks and congratulations to Bosch Fawstin for his winning cartoon, shown at the top of this page. Excellent!

Here is Megyn Kelly discussing free speech with Eugene Volokh.