Well! If I am insulted I do take it personally, and if my country and my people¬† are insulted I also take it personally. It’s my way of¬†insuring myself, my country and my fellow citizens against being kicked around and abused by an elitist political Cartel of self seekers.

My wife was, and I still am, a member of UKIP. Nothing remarkable about that. After all we are supposed to be living in a democracy where we have a right to our own political views, but over the last several decades that right has been eroded to the point of non-existence.

When David Cameron called me and every individual UKIP supporter “Fruitcakes, loons and closet racists“, it was more than just an insult. More importantly he used the openly blackmail word “racist”, in order to intimidate us into submitting and meekly accepting the politically correct red-ink-rubric of the establishment Cartel. Michael Howard used the same contemptible tactic with “Cranks, Gadflies and extremists“, extremists being the blackmail debate killing word. It backfired on them, but it was the fact that they thought they could invoke, as they saw it, our plebeian, proletarian place in society, to force us back into line, that made us all the more determined to get rid of these supercilious, arrogant dickheads. Ah! You will no doubt say, he’s stooping to insults himself. There is however a difference: my insults are true.

I certainly take their personal slurs, slanders and jibes personally, and there is nothing that says Cameron and his bully boys cannot view my insults in the same way. In fact, I hope they do.

Incidentally ,this blog will enthusiastically support UKIP, but I am merely a member and supporter of UKIP. I am not an office bearer in the Party, nor do I have any direct influence in Party policy. Everything I write is my own or my late wife’s responsibility, not UKIP’s. I am not, repeat not a spokesperson for UKIP.

So to all you grimy little Westminster and Media Stasi look-alikes, labouring away like chattering Cockroaches, dredging the internet for decomposed nesting material, get yourselves an honest job, and don’t even think about using this Blog as a mud slinging weapon against your genuinely Democratic enemies.