every Muslim isn’t a terrorist

freedom go to hell” Every Muslim isn’t a terrorist”. Now, there is a self evident truth if ever there was one, a truism, but a truism is merely a statement of fact; it does not explain, excuse or justify events.

In the 1930s and 40s every German and Austrian wasn’t a Nazi, and every Italian wasn’t a Fascist. That knowledge did nothing to prevent one of the most devastating wars in human history, nor did it prevent the deaths of millions of Jews, Homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses and many others in the Nazi concentration camps.

Every Russian, Hungarian, Czechoslovakian, Pole or East German wasn’t a Stalinist, but that knowledge did nothing to halt the horrors of the Gulags or the slaughter of millions of East European citizens.

Every Chinese citizen wasn’t a Maoist Red Guard, but that knowledge did nothing to prevent decades of oppression, and the murder of millions of innocent citizens.

Every Tiger isn’t a man-eater, but we do not allow Tigers to wander around our streets. However, because the “liberal leftist progressives” have convinced us that a truism can explain, excuse and justify events, we do allow terrorists into our country and onto our streets. We sit back meekly and watch while hundreds of Muslim “protesters” (read terrorists) commandeer our streets, openly and aggressively rubbishing every Judeo-Christian value that we possess. Values which are the very foundation of our society, and indeed, our Western civilisation. Democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of ideas, freedom to worship any or no religion, and the very concept of freedom itself.

So what does ” Every Muslim isn’t a terrorist” tell us, if anything? Well! It does not explain why so many Muslims are terrorists, and it does not excuse the actions of the many Muslim terrorists, and it most certainly does not justify their actions. It does however, tell us that there are vast numbers of apparently peace loving non-violent Muslims who nevertheless exhibit a complacency and often a complicity with their fellow Islamic terrorist religionists. It has, they say, nothing to do with them. They are like Zoo- Keepers who let their Tigers loose to terrorise our streets, then deny any responsibility.

Islam and it’s 1.5 billion followers, are responsible for the Islamic beasts they let loose on our streets, and until such time as they take control of them, the accolade ” Religion of Peace” is nothing more that a fictitious sick joke.