the veneration of the minority

john adamsWhile minority status or minority opinions should never be stigmatised or disregarded purely because they are a minority, we have arrived at a strange and weird set of affairs when the minority has become the exalted position in society.

Increasingly, we are being exhorted to adopt the belief that a minority status has somehow become the “ideal”, and that it is deserving of special attention in todays society. This idea that the minority be awarded “ special status” in society, should not be confused with the long held view that a minority be offered ” protection ” from the ” Tyranny of the majority”. The idea that a minority, not overtly hostile to society, should be protected and respected, is an admiral and noble one, put forward by such notables as John Adams ( an American Founding Father), John Stuart Mill, Alexis de Tocqueville, Friedrich Nietzsche in (Human, all too Human), and others. The moral rectitude  and advisability of protecting and respecting minorities, is not under dispute here.

However, the idea, which is already prevalent in our society, that minorities be awarded rights and privileges which are unique to them and above and beyond those given to the majority, is most certainly under dispute here.

Prior to Britain’s entry into the politically corrupt European Union, and prior to the emergence of several politically and ideologically corrupt Labour governments, Britain had a proud record of taking in genuine asylum seekers and immigrants and assimilating them into British society, just as the USA had done so successfully. These immigrants never acquired minority status for the simple reason that they assimilated and became an integral and enriching part of the existing majority. In other words, they became British, even when they managed to retain their proud national identities as Italians, Germans, Polish and others. Britain was truly a ” Multicultural” society.

With the corrupt introduction of “open- door“, uncontrolled immigration for the underhand and cynical purpose of imposing “Multiculturalism” by means of “ Social Engineering“, and by in particular, the Labour governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, everything would change for the worse.

Now we have massive numbers of economic migrants and fake asylum seekers flooding into the country in their hundreds of thousands per annum. A great many of these immigrants are of Muslim origin, and their culture and religion not only discourages them from integrating into society, but actively forbids them from doing so. As a result the formation of territorial pockets of alien and often hostile mini-cultures began to form in the nations cities. Those areas are not “Multicultural”, on the contrary, they are decidedly “Monocultural”, with some areas actually becoming “ no-go-areas” to the population at large, and in some cases even to the police.

Thus, we have created a plethora of ideologically induced minorities which had never previously existed, and what is worse, these fabricated minorities habitually demand , and more often than not, get, privileges which are not available to the majority native population.

Every aspect of Britain’s political and social administrations is being usurped by ” the rule of the minority”. Political Parties, Universities, the Police, businesses and the media, all compete and vie with one another to see who can recruit the largest numbers of minorities and minority interests to their administrative bodies, in a complete reversal of Jeremy Bentham’s famous philosophy of ” The greatest happiness for the greatest number”. We now have ” The greatest happiness for the least number”. People are actually being recruited into positions of power and influence, not upon the basis of their competency or suitability for the job, but merely on the basis of their skin colour or their cultural origins. It is a classical example of the ” insane running the asylum”.

We must always respect and apply John Adam’s philosophy of ” Protecting the minority against the tyranny of the majority”, but must never find ourselves in the position of having to ” Protect the majority from the tyranny of the minority”. Therein lies insanity!