obamaWhen the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth refuses to recognise Islamic terror for what it is, and when he persistently refuses to acknowledge that Islamic terrorism even exists, we have truly entered into a world of ” Institutional appeasement”. Unfortunately it is not only Obama’s supinity which has stamped the seal of approval on passivity. The whole leftist liberal world is saturated with it. The very institutions of our Western Democracies are pathologically institutional appeasers. Like any obedient submissive little dog, they gladly roll over on their backs to get their bellies tickled.

Governments, politicians, the Christian Churches and large sections of the Media prostrate themselves and lick the blooded boots of ideologies and cultures, which by any standard of rationality should be anathema to them.

By the time that the Charlie Hebdon atrocity had hit the news, the appeasers were already in evidence, assuring us that there was nothing to worry about. It had after all been perpetrated by a tiny minority of criminals who were of no consequence, and of course, had absolutely nothing to do with Islam, the religion of peace.

The very idea that Islam is a religion of peace is so mind numbingly fantastical that it makes a Monty Python sketch look like reality. There is not one single day  which goes by without a new and more horrific atrocity being committed by Islamic degenerates. Every newspaper, every television news program is dominated by news of Islamic terror. Day after day, month after month it never slackens, and even that is only a fraction of the nightmare scenarios which are being played out every single day. The way that Islamic concerns  exert dominance over our every day lives, you could be forgiven for believing that we live in an Islamic State. Never before has a small minority ridden roughshod over so effectively over a majority population, as Islam does in Britain, and throughout Europe.

So given the overwhelming evidence, why is it that the Western intelligentsia ( assuming that they are such) persist in grovelling at the feet of the beast which threatens their very existence? Why does the European citizenry sit meekly by whilst the elite gives away their long fought for freedoms like trinkets in a closing down sale? Are we witnessing the death throws of Western Democracy, only to be replaced by an Islamic religious hell hole?

It’s time for our politicians to grow a pair of balls and stand up to defend the long two thousand year struggle for freedom and democracy. It’s time for Christian leaders to defend the Christian values which form the foundations of our society, and to do so against the creeping threat from a seventh century medieval nihilistic death cult.

It’s time for our news reporters, whose only objective in life is their next scoop, to realise that there is every bit as much coverage in the demise of Islamic barbarism as there is in the demise of Western democracy, but don’t hold your breath.