How often have you heard it said ” I don’t vote because they are all the same” or “I don’t vote because they just do what they want whether we want it or not”. Of course the electorate are absolutely correct. It’s true.

However, the electorate, the people, must themselves bear some of the blame for their own serfdom. Politicians are powerful, as are dictators, despots, lawyers, bankers and big business. Therefore power is presumed to be intrinsically evil in its own right. We have an aversion to power and shun it as much as we can, and in doing so we are effectively giving it away to the very people whom we so despise for their wilful abuse of it.

In the words of Shakespears Mark Anthony “Julius Caesar”

       “Then I and you, and all of us fell down,
Whilst bloody treason flourish’d over us.

We can no longer rationally call Britain a true modern democracy. The biggest factor is undoubtedly the totally corrupt, unaccountable anti-democratic cess pit that is the European Union, and the fact that all three of the UK’s establishment parties are firmly embedded and ensnared in the corruption.

All need not be lost though. There are indications that at least some of the people are beginning to take back some of the power that we gave away. In general elections in Scotland prior to 1997 the Conservative Party had a consistent presence in Scotland with between 11 and 23 elected MP’s in successive elections. In 1997 all that changed. The unthinkable happened to the Tories when dramatically no MP’s were elected. Yes! That’s zero, zilch, diddly squat. This gave rise to the now old joke that ” There are more Pandas in Edinburgh zoo than there are Tory MP’s in Scotland”. They have since risen to the dizzy heights of 1 MP.

Without going into any great detail this followed the introduction by the Tories of the hated ‘Guinea Pig’ Community, or Poll Tax very much against the Scottish peoples wishes, followed by the weak Government of John Major, and his image of cricket and warm beer on the village green, which didn’t endear him to the Scottish electorate. However, the reasons are incidental to the point being made. The Scots decided that enough was enough, and they united to grab the staff of power and kicked the Tories out.

I am reminded of the Unison Trade Union’s cartoon Television advertisement about the ants and the bear. A tiny ant finds its way home obstructed by a large bear. The tiny ant squeaks ” Excuse me” to the bear who looks around for the source of the squeak, but doesn’t move. The ant goes back the way he came and returns with another ant. They both squeak ” Excuse me” to the bear, but still no success. So the two tiny ants go off and return with many thousands of tiny ants who’s squeak in unison becomes a mighty roar of ” GET OUT OF THE WAY”. This time the bear gets the fright of his life, and runs away, allowing the ants to go on their way.

 The message is clear and obvious. It’s true that one voters vote seems to count for nothing, but if many thousands of voters vote in unison the powerful elite will run off in terror. This is exactly what the Scottish electorate did in 1997. Again in 2014 the Scots turned out in unprecedented numbers for the “Independence Referendum”. The result was, thank goodness a narrow win for the “NO” vote, but the Westminster Lib/Lab/Con Cartel were at one point running around like headless chickens.

Furthermore, if current opinion polls prove to be correct, the Scottish electorate are poised to deliver a massive ” GET OUT OF THE WAY” to the Labour Party at the upcoming general election in May 2015. This is not to say that I support the aims of the SNP in Scotland, far from it. I detest the SNP’s total capitulation to the corrupt European Union, which in any case is a complete contradiction to their stated aim of independence. Laughably so.

I may not agree with the SNP, nevertheless, it would be a fool who refused to learn from an opponents successful stratagem. Not so many years ago the argument used by the Westminster Cartel against the SNP, was the same one they are using against UKIP today ” they are a bunch of nobodies”, ” they are too small to hurt us”, “they are just a bunch of amateurs”. Well! Who is running Scotland today?

There is absolutely no reason why the people, the electorate of Britain cannot turn out in their millions and chase the establishment bear away. It can be done if they follow the Scottish example and grasp power for themselves and take it away from our autocratic self styled masters in Westminster. The cry ” Power to the people”, may sound like a late 20th century revolutionary rant, but what is certain is that a people who fail to grasp power for themselves, are slaves.