a leader emerges


Since writing this post I have come to realize that perhaps I was a tad too hasty in extoling the virtues of Pope Francis. It would seem that the Pope or his advisers or both have retained the traditional Catholic tendency to anti-Semitism with their support for Palestinian aggression against Israel. In doing so the Pope aligns himself with the rest of the worlds Christian leaders in blaming Judaism for everything bad. Nothing new there then!

However I leave the post up for all to see since it does say some things that need to be said.


For too long the pietistic leaders of the various Christian Churches have been content to luxuriate behind the cosy comfort of “political correctness” and “religious pacifism”. Like the three proverbial Japanese monkeys, Mizaru, Kikazeru and Iwazeru, the Church leaders prefer to “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil”. Thus they are relieved of the responsibility of doing something. So they languish behind a curtain of pious lethargy.

pope francisFortunately, at least one Church leader has emerged who is prepared to stand up and be counted. I speak, of course, of Pope Francis, who recently proclaimed that military force should, if necessary, be used to stop the Islamic slaughter of Christians and others throughout the World. Pope Francis continues to keep his head above the parapet by announcing that the slaughter of some 1.5 million Armenians in the early 1900s, by the Ottoman Turks, was the 20th centuries 1st genocide. In doing so he informed the World that his concern for humanity exceeded any concerns there may be for the ever present sensitivities of Islamic victimhood. He was prepared to discard “political correctness” in the interests of truth, and has gotten the Turks hot under the collar. Good!

To deviate from the subject for just a moment. It’s interesting to note that when Barak Obama made his notorious remarks about “the Inquisition” and “The Crusades”, neither of which came anywhere near to being genocide, he omitted to mention the Islamic slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians. I wonder why?

In his speech in St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, Pope Francis said, “It was his duty to honour the memory of the innocent men, women, children, priests and bishops who were “senselessly” murdered by Ottoman Turks.” A Christian leader who knows how to carry out his duty. A rare and precious thing these days. He went on to make the following two remarkable statements :-

“Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it.” and most telling of all :-

” It seems that the human family has refused to learn from its mistakes caused by the law of terror, so that today too there are those who attempt to eliminate others with the help of a few, and with the complicit silence of others, who simply stand by.” Well ! We all know full well who he is talking about, don’t we!

The above two statements should be shouted from the roof-tops. They should also be printed onto placards and hung round the necks of every Church leader and every Western politician, to remind them that they too have a duty to humanity which cannot be ignored purely because of a ” politically correct” desire to ” not offend ” .