archbishop wants to revive martyrdom


martyrdom_of_st_james-400As I write this, Christians are being systematically and brutally murdered by agents of the “religion of peace” and these unfortunate Christians are not ( as the leader of the free world would say) ” a few random folks”. They are being butchered in their thousands in a daily basis, and no! They are not being butchered by a tiny minority of deluded Muslims. They are being butchered throughout the world by thousands of blood crazed, lunatic, Islamic- indoctrinated, sub-humans, who make the world war 2 Nazi SS look like cuddly teddy-bears.

To be fair ( as liberals would demand) the media has been reporting the worst of it, as in the case of the Gorissa College University in Kenya, and at long last, after ” The silence of both the lambs and the shepherds”, the leaders of the Christian Churches have woken up to what is happening. In Rome, Pope Francis has spoken out robustly against the indiscriminate slaughter of his fellow Christians, and has made it clear that military force should be used if necessary. Well spoken, Pope Francis. At last, a Christian leader with a backbone.

The Church of England has also emerged from the mists of pacifism, but not apparently to rid itself of it, but rather to reinforce it. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has a different approach to that of the Pope. He wants to revive the spirit of “Martyrdom” to the Christian Church. He has called the Christian victims of Islamic terror ” Martyrs” as if it brings some kind of glory to the Church – it doesn’t. Well! I have some news for the Archbishop, They are “VICTIMS”, definitely not martyrs. Reviving a medieval martyr blood cult does nothing for the “victims” or for the Church: we have more than enough bloodied martyrs already, from another medieval blood cult, Islam. Enough to last us a life-time.

What is it about the Church of England’s Bishopdom, that attracts so many over pious fools? Perhaps they should read their own Bible more often. John 2: 14-16 –

” In the temple He found those
who were selling oxen and sheep and
pigeons, and the money changers at
their business. And making a whip
of cords, He drove them all, with the
sheep and oxen, out of the temple: -“

Jesus wasn’t an appeaser, He knew how to get angry in order to defend His faith. The Christian leaders need to become the ” Shepherds” they are supposed to be, to protect their flocks. There are thousands of Islamic wolves out there slaughtering the Archbishop’s flock. So he and the Archbishop of York need to get a backbone, “make a whip of cords”, and like Pope Francis follow Jesus’ example and start “kicking arse”, and relegate Martyrdom to history. Stop bending over backwards to avoid offending the Islamic wolves and demand action to have them culled before the flock is wiped out. It’s little wonder that the Archbishop’s flock is leaving the Church of England in droves. Most of them, I’m certain, would prefer not to be “Martyrs”.