in memoriam democracy

cleisthenesWe have a new type of electoral process in Britain today. At one time the purpose of an election was to democratically elect Members of Parliament to represent their constituents interests, and to elect a government on the basis of what they could or would do for the interests of the country and its people. Now it seems, this has all changed. The new purpose of the coming May 2015 general election is to prevent, at all costs, one Party from becoming the next government – and that’s it.

The SNP in Scotland and the Labour Party at Westminster have entered into a clandestine quasi-partnership in order to defeat the Conservative Party. This should not be confused with so called ” tactical voting”, where individual electors are encouraged to vote for a Party not of their own choosing in order to thwart a Parliamentary candidate, or indeed a Party from winning, with the aim of winning themselves.

This surreptitious coalition is between two Parties with diametrically opposing political policies. Neither the Labour Party or the SNP are in any way united in policy, but they are undoubtedly united in ideology, namely the ideology of the political Left, and it is with that ideological goal that they intend to act. The interests of the electorate are of no importance to them.

The hatred which the SNP in particular, feels toward the Conservative Party, and to UKIP and their members, is almost tangible. It goes way beyond the normal and healthy rivalry between political opponents. It has almost reached the level of “Paranoiac Schizophrenia”. The SNPs openly stated aim is ( to use a much favoured expression by another extremist group of people) to ” Wipe the Tories of the face of the map”, and they have already all but achieved it in Scotland. If the opinion polls prove to be correct, Scotland after the May elections will virtually become a one Party Leftist state. A rebirth of the Marxist ideal, an end to political pluralism, and the most unhealthy condition for any nation to be in.

If an unholy alliance between the SNP, Labour, Plaid Cymru, the Liberal Democrats sic, and the Green Party were ever to achieve their goals to kill of the Tories and Ukip, we would be living in an ideological Leftist one Party state in the UK.

Where does this leave the concept of Parliamentary Democracy? The answer is starkly simple, “ ad patres “ , dead!