The evil art of demonisation

enoch-powellYou didn’t need to be Nostradamus to predict it. It was as predictable as the sun rising. It was only a matter of time.

Enoch Powell’s name has been linked to, of all things “Satanic sex abuse”. Of course it had to be “Satanic”, what better word to “demonise” someone, especially someone like Enoch Powell, and of course, the accusation had to come from the leadership of the Church of England.

Mr Powell’s name was put on a list along with the names of several other MPs, which was given to the police by Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham. The list of names was given to Butler by the former Bishop of Monmouth, Dominic Walker who reportedly first heard of the accusations sometime in the 1980s.

Has anyone spotted the question which is begging for an answer? Walker knew about the list of names ” in the 1980s”, that’s about 30 years ago!? So presumably, Walker who retired in 2013, recently nipped round to the good Bishops house for a glass of wine and on the way out turned round and said ” Oh gosh Paul, I forgot to tell you something, It just slipped my mind”.

We must give the Bishop of Durham the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he knew nothing about it until Dominic popped round for a drink, since he is Chairman of ” The Church of England National Safeguarding Team”, who’s rules state that ” We will respond without delay to every complaint made, that any adult, child or young person may have been harmed.—” However, it would seem that the former Bishop of Monmouth either didn’t know about the rules, or he didn’t think 30 years was much of a delay.

Enoch Powell became a devoted Christian in his later years and an active member of the Church of England, but he was never liked by the Leftist Liberal hierarchy of the Church, and that dislike is now oozing to the surface. If anyone doubts the Leftist Liberal tendencies among the Bishops of the Church of England, let me quote from a speech given to the General Synod of York in 2011, by the then Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, Paul Butler, before he became Bishop of Durham. The discussion was about the disastrous collapse in Church membership over the preceding 40 years, and naturally the Bishops didn’t think that the decline had anything to do with their own lassitude or malaise during their stewardship. According to Butler the fault lay with the education system because it was too right wing.

Quote – ” Maths lessons are too “Capitalist” and should be reformed to promote Christian values”, and ” Teachers should not illustrate lessons with examples of ” profit and loss”, or encourage children to save in order to buy bikes and toys “. Others at the Synod were predicting that the Church of England might not even exist in another 20years, and according to Butler it was all the fault of the Liberal Left’s bogeyman “ Capitalism“, and guess who was the biggest capitalist of all? Why Enoch Powell of course!

This Liberal Leftist tendency among the Bishops culminated in 2008, when the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, called for Britain to accept “ aspects of Sharia Law“. It was too much even for the Left who were outraged by it, and to make matters worse, even some Muslims protested that it would cause fractures in society. Stupid man! It never seems to occur to them that perhaps it is their own Leftist political ideology, and their seeming disregard for promoting the Christian faith that has scared off their members and congregations. After all, do they really believe that most of their congregations share their political bias?

Enoch Powell’s biographer, Simon Heffer ( a book that has pride of place on my bookcase) has ferociously condemned the Church of England’s actions in a letter which contains the following quotes – ” The Church has publically accused Enoch in being involved in ritual satanic abuse on hearsay, without the slightest evidence. They might as well accuse him of having been a war criminal or an armed robber, for there would be as much truth in either allegation”, and ” For decades Enoch Powell has been a bug-bear of the liberal establishment. He has been demonised not least because to attack his memory is a quick and effective way for them to score points by setting out their own political correctness. What better way for some mischievous Leftist priest to damage Enoch further, than by linking him with the current rash of stories about child abuse?”

While I agree with every word that Simon Heffer says, I am afraid it will make no difference. The calumnious malignancy has been spread, like some hellish political Chernobyl the harm will take many years to dissipate, and that, these unchristian, self appointed inverted exorcists, know full well.