I’m a leader, get me out of here

clownSo the great media extravaganza circus has finally begun, featuring the two most famous clowns in the country, Dave (Coco) Cameron, and Ed ( Blinko) Milliband, with Mistress of ceremonies Kay Burley, and Ringmaster, Jeremy Paxman. Coco kicked off the show with some hilarious gags, like telling the Ringmaster how he had reduced the nations debt, by increasing it. Beat that! Then he had us all rolling around laughing when he extolled the great virtues of the EU because they had stopped him from achieving his promised goal of reducing immigration.

Blinko however, gave the most theatrical performance. When the Ringmaster hit him over the head with a cruel question about how he felt about stabbing his brother in the back, Blinko got the ringside audiences sympathy by emotionally wiping away a grease- paint tear from his eye to a collective – Awwwwww –  from the audience. This prompted the Ringmaster to suggest that he was just a big softy and not tough enough for the job. Blinko defiantly responded with ” Am I tough enough? Hell yes, I’m tough enough!”, and the audience gave yet another collective – Ooooooo – . He said ” Hell”! He must be really tough after all.

All in all the show was a resounding non-event.

Meanwhile, beyond the flapping canvas of the circus Big Top studio, the real world seven day a week circus, was in full flow, with the revelation that when Barak Hussein Obama released five of the worlds most notorious terrorists in exchange for one of Americas very own finest heroes, only to discover that Sgt Bowe Bergdahl was being charged with being a deserter and possibly being a defector or even a traitor. Nice to know that America has a circus clown tradition too.

On a much more serious note. There was the contribution to world harmony by the Religion of peace, in the shape of Boko Maram murdering yet another 30 innocent people in the name of Allah, with barely a mention from the media. Well! It’s nothing to get excited about, after all ” It’s just their culture, you know”, and anyway, it doesn’t put our ratings up as much as Coco and Blinko’s circus act. If that’s what they call culture, it almost makes you grateful to the “Progressives” for denying us one.

Anyway, I suppose the show must go on with ” the tail wagging the dog”. The “tail” being the media and the “dog” being our politicians.

You do realise, I hope, that none of this has anything to do with who runs our country. It is merely yet another media version of ” Big Brother” or ” I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”. It is all about ratings and the insatiable demand on air for intellectual sludge. So order up your pizza’s, put your feet up, and enjoy the circus.