the Progressive Regressives

nigel farageUKIPs leader Nigel Farage and his family have been subjected to cowardly, bullying, harassment by a bunch of leftist liberal activists, aka “progressives”, while having lunch in a Kent pub. Mr Farage quite correctly and accurately described the perpetrators as ” scum”, as any self respecting husband and father would.

However, as bad as the malicious and mean spirited treatment of Mr Farage’s family was, the message to us all is a more significant and dangerous one than the mistreatment of just one family, as nasty as that was. The so called “political activists” behind this latest incident are nothing new. They have been festering and slowly infecting British and Western democracy for years. They skulk behind the moral high ground and pseudo-altruism just as every despot before them has done.

We have already witnessed the “activities” of these “activists”, when they turn out in their hundreds to “actively” support the ” Black Shirted, Black hooded” Islamofascist protesters who take over our city streets. We have already witnessed their practice runs for when they create their very own “Reichskristallnacht” by throwing stones through UKIP supporters windows.

These people like to steal words out of the English dictionary to give themselves a nice image in order to dupe the public. The latest buzz word they use to describe themselves is ” Progressive”. Well! They have certainly “progressed” over the last few decades; from social security scrounger to professional agitator. I wonder what they will “progress” to next? Perhaps campaigning to get UKIP supporters to wear little purple stars, so they can be identified easier, or maybe they could campaign to have anyone with “Right Wing” credentials sent to “work camps” with ” Arbeit Macht Frei” over the gates? No! It’s not an over- the- top exaggeration, it’s happened before and it will happen again if we’re not careful.

I know of no occasion where UKIP supporters have rampaged on our city streets carrying vicious violence inciting and “illegal” placards, nor am I aware of any time that UKIP supporters have harassed the leaders, or even supporters of their political opponents. Yet, when the BBC, Channel 4, The Guardian and Independent newspapers sic, reported on the treatment dished out to a mans family by a gang of “work-shy, breast-flashing, eco-lunatics” with nothing better to do, they made no effort to hide their gloating approval of the “scums” actions. They even gave an enthusiastic public platform for the arch-scum himself, Dan Glass, to preach his multi-faceted hatred of all things not of the Left. At the same time, they interviewed UKIP officials in a manner that was intended to convey to the public that it was all the fault of Mr Farage, his family and UKIP as a whole, for having the audacity to exist.

What the hell is this country turning into? When the leader of a legitimate  British political Party, cannot take his wife and children out to a public place without being mobbed by a bunch of thugs. Imagine what the media and the authorities would have had to say if a crowd of UKIP supporters had mobbed Cameron, Milliband or Clegg and their wives and families? All hell would have broke loose. There would have been van loads of police turning up and arresting people.

But then, that’s the difference between we ” closet racists” in UKIP, and our political opponents. We believe in the democratic process, we believe in the right to free speech and expression, even for our opponents, we believe in the rule of Law, even when the Law withdraws its protection from us, we believe that our political opponents have the same rights that we have, even when our political opponents do not reciprocate.

“To hell with democracy”, resonates throughout our city streets, while all the time most of our politicians, most of our media, most of our once great institutions, like Universities, and most of the guardians of our system of Law, cringe in fear of doing something about it, or even worse, laugh in approval.

We “racist” democrats do not wish to deny protesters the right to protest peacefully. We do not wish to deny our political opponents the right to oppose us. We do not wish to deny anyone the right to disagree with us, but we do demand that these freedoms be conducted within the rule of Law, and with at least some, respect for the democratic process.

We are sitting back and watching our country become a medieval basket- case, a third- rate anarchical “Banana Republic”. Increasingly the liberal left progressives, or whatever they call themselves today, conduct their politics on the streets and in public places. Not for them the democratic process. There’s no blood in that!