It would seem that more Muslim youths have decided to travel to Syria to embrace Islamic terrorism in the shape of ISIL or whatever they call themselves. Three young London teenage girls have gone missing, and evidence shows that they boarded Turkish Airlines flight TK1996 for Istanbul, with the aim of travelling to Syria. So now the soul searching has begun to find out what we have done wrong.

Well! Clearly we haven’t put the necessary means at the disposal of Airport and Port security in order to stop such loving, caring, naïve and charming young girls from fulfilling their romantic dreams of slaughtering the Kuffir, and that of course, is ‘all our fault’. There is also the problem that we haven’t done enough to stop the radicalisation of otherwise innocent Muslim youth. It goes without saying that Muslim parents, Imams, and the Religion of peace have nothing to do with it whatsoever, perish the thought.

If only we would take the very simple and doable step of increasing security at Airports and Ports we would go someway to solving the problem. Needless to say, this is not to be confused with increasing security to control unwanted immigration which everyone knows is impossible to achieve. 

You will be gratified to hear that it is not entirely ‘ all our fault’ though. With the increasing worry about Islamic Websites and You Tube showing daily photographs and videos of glorious Islamic warriors beheading, shooting and burning alive enemies of the Religion of Peace. Also raping, beating and stoning to death women, and burying alive people including children, this raises a slight problem.

Apparently, watching such disgusting, gory and horrendous videos appeals to kindly, loving Muslim youths and gives them a somewhat romantic view of Middle Eastern Islamic warfare. So much so that they get the uncontrollable urge to travel there to join in the fun. This is what we call “being radicalised”.

So what do you think we can do about this? I’m afraid I am at a loss, it’s too much for me to figure out. Any ideas?