The political left have played a blinder in the latter half of the 20th century. By successfully equating the Nazi’s and Fascist’s of the Second World War with the political “Right” they have managed to vilify everyone who is not in tune with the “Left”. I hasten to add that we should not confuse the “Left” with Socialism. Socialism particularly British Socialism has been totally marginalised, and unfortunately is no longer a force to be reckoned with. The Labour Party although still paying lip service to Socialism has long since cast it aside.

Over the last few decades we have witnessed a gradual but nevertheless inexorable infiltration of Western Europe’s and Britain’s institutions and social values. Our Universities are so dominated by leftist activists, that lecturers and students who dare to voice views contrary to leftist ideology are ostracised and marginalised. Books which don’t meet leftist criteria are banned or discouraged. Lectures by visiting personalities are vetted beforehand, and if found to be too controversial, or if thought to offend leftist and increasingly Muslim sensibilities, they are cancelled. Students are discouraged from exploring or examining ideas which are deemed to be controversial or challenge the leftist norm, an educational freedom which our Universities were one famed for, and proud of.

All of this when after the recent  terrorist attacks in Paris, the whole Western world is extolling the virtues of free speech. More than a touch of hypocrisy I think.

The seriousness of the politicisation of our Universities cannot be over stressed, since it is they who are the purveyors of intellect to all our other institutions, and that is why the leftists have targeted the Universities, and we see the results throughout the British establishment today.

The leadership of the Christian Churches, especially the Church of England, have become so politicised and leftist orientated that they often betray the very essence of their Christian faith. The previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, even went so far to suggest that Britain “should accept aspects of Sharia Law”. Fortunately, this was a step too far for even the leftists, who joined in the outrage against it. I am not myself a believer, but I can’t help wondering what Jesus would have thought about Dr Williams’ appeasement and capitulation to the religion of peace. After all, Jesus did not appease the money lenders in the temple, He was in fact, fiercely assertive in overturning their tables and kicking their butts out the temple door. Dr Williams should follow his Messiah’s fine example, particularly at a time when the religion of peace is conducting a war against Christianity throughout Africa, the Middle East and the Far East, with the burning down of hundreds of Christian churches, and the slaughter of thousands of innocent Christians.

Britain’s system of Law and the Judicatory have been relegated to a secondary role under the over Lordship of the leftist neo-Stalinist European Union, along with the police. The very Governance of Britain has been usurped by leftist ideology. There is no longer, with the exception of UKIP, a viable “Right” in British politics. The Conservative Party under the leadership of David Cameron( Tony Blair MK2 ), has completely abandoned the “Right”. A country administered by only one ideology and no viable opposition, is a country heading for despotism.

The electorate, the people, the scorned proletariat, the man in the pub, know this only too well. Their cries of ” They are all the same” echo loudly throughout the land, but they are never heard or they are ignored. This however, is rapidly changing. The role of the intelligentsia previously stolen by the leftist liberal elite, is increasingly being returned to its rightful owners, the people. The ” We know better than you plebs” attitude is no longer resonating for we plebs, but the upcoming elections in May 2015 will assuredly resonate with the Lib/Lab/Con Cartel, who may well learn what it is like to be ignored.

Mikhail Gorbachev once wrote:

The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe”. ” Well! He should know if anyone does.