muckrakingI suppose we should congratulate the Lib/Lab/Con and the media in general for throwing aside their differences in an effort to generate a new industry, and to decreasing unemployment by appointing an indeterminate but large number of professional ‘Muck Rakers’. It is thanks to the hard work, diligence and dedication of these selfless Muck Rakers, that the wonderful Westminster and Fleet Street Cartel can maintain stability and permanence in the establishment.

The fight against the curse of democracy and the threat from society’s citizen plebs is firmly on the stout shoulders of these resolute Muck Raking warriors. The continued existence of the Cartel must at all costs be maintained in the common ( not to be confused with commoner ) good. The disgusting propensity among democracy supporters for “Phobia’s” must be exposed for what they are.

The big problem with this is that we plebs might just set up our own Muck Raking industry, and there is no shortage of muck to be found lurking behind the leaky walls of The Official Secrets Act. The Lib/Lab/Con’s have their own little propensity for “Philes”, and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or is that a euphemism for the Cartels favourite “Philia”.

What’s more, the transgressions of the establishment Cartel are significantly greater than our plebeian misdemeanours. After all, given the choice, would the electorate vote for a candidate who horror of horrors speaks of Bongo Bongo Land? Or would they rather vote for a candidate who rapes little girls or buggers little boys? “Yer pays yer money and yer makes yer choice”, but to my mind Bongo Bongo Land is a much nicer place to be.