Britain’s New Colonialism

How often do we hear, and for how long do we have to endure, the liberal lefts anguished mantra that we in Britain should hang our heads in perpetual shame because of the exploitative nature of our colonial past? Indeed, it is the very cornerstone of the Lefts self loathing, hair shirt masochistic agenda to undermine British and Western society by instilling self doubt in the people.

Week after week we are witness to debate killing programs like the BBC’s ever so balanced ‘Question Time’. Whenever the question of uncontrolled immigration comes up the establishment cartel unites and leaps into action. Panellists like Chuka Umunna, Baroness Warsi, Diane Abbot and Michael Portillo are quick to proudly proclaim that they are from immigrant backgrounds themselves, as if this was somehow evidence of their great value to British society. Look how lucky you all are to have us! Of course the 28,000 Romanians who have been arrested by British police over the last five years could equally claim to have an immigrant background, and look how lucky we are to have them. How I wish that when these panellists boast of their immigrant background, someone in the audience might just stand up and shout “Well! That’s one damned good reason to reduce immigration, isn’t it”.

Sooner rather than later one of these back slapping political opponents will inevitably come out with “Actually, we need more immigrants rather than less, because without them the NHS would collapse”. Why on Earth does no one ever challenge them on this? It never seems to occur to the applauding audience that if you poach doctors and nurses from underdeveloped countries you are effectively stealing their most valuable assets.

It’s not that the world doesn’t know about Britain’s shameful exploitation of health workers from poverty stricken countries, they have been complaining about it for over a decade without success. Let us take a look at some of their complaints.

From the BBC 17th June 2005, talking about what is being said at the G8 Summit. ” They say staff migration from developing nations is killing millions and compounding poverty”.” Last month, UK doctors warned us in the Lancet that the UK was crippling sub-Saharan Africa’s healthcare system by poaching its staff”. ” BMA Chairman James Johnson said the consequences of poaching on the developing world were ‘ absolutely catastrophic’. There are large areas of Africa where there are no health workers of any kind”. And this is the BBC reporting.

african hospitalFrom an article in South Africa’s IOL Online news, dated November 2003, about the losing battle against HIV in Botswana. A country with the worlds highest rate of infection. “Developed countriesi, mainly Britain, are partly to blame, they have systematically poached many of the few nurses and doctors that poor South African countries, including Botswana, produce at great cost to their tax payers”, and unbelievably “There are only about 30 nurses devoted to the HIV program, which has about 3,000 patients”.

Most damning of all, but also enlightening, is this statement “Foreign Minister Mompathi Merafhe told visiting journalists he had recently raised the issue of poaching of qualified medical staff with British authorities. He said they told him they were helpless to stop recruitment of African nurses because of the nature of Britain’s robust democracy”. So there you have it! It’s all the fault of that downright inconvenient and troublesome thing called ‘democracy’. Doesn’t that tell you something about the Lib/Lab/Con Cartel who run what we all mistakenly thought was a praiseworthy form of Governance – Democracy.

Of course, there are many more recent examples. Notably an article in the Mail Online, dated December 14th 2014, headlined ” 19 nations accuse the NHS of poaching doctors”. So you see, that dreadful thing called ‘democracy’ is still stopping our wonderful caring Government from doing the right thing.

We are the fourth richest nation on planet Earth. We can afford to maintain nuclear submarines and Trident missiles. We can afford to pay out £billions in subsidies on unworkable wind turbines. We can afford to pay out £33 million per day for the dubious privilege of being a member of the most corrupt neo-Stalinist Super State in the world, the European Union. We can afford to send £millions in aid to India which has massive population poverty, but can afford to maintain a nuclear capability and a Space Program. Perhaps that goes some way to explaining why we can not apparently afford to train our own doctors and nurses. If it wasn’t so tragic and shameful it could be compared to an episode of Monty Python and we could all roll around laughing, but perhaps not. Now all of this really is racism at its worse.

Britain has become an international  outcast, a pariah. Get rid of these people fast.