The Labour Party is about to appoint a candidate for a council seat in Little Horton, Bradford, for next years Council elections. They have a two person shortlist for the potential job and the favourite is a woman called Nasreen Khan. So what you might well say, but Khan has a proven history as a Nazi sympathizer and a Jew hating anti-Semite. Khan was a member and activist in the ill-named Respect Party when she made the following statements –

“It’s such a shame that history teachers in our school never taught us this but they are the first to start brainwashing us and our children into thinking the bad guy was Hitler. What have the Jews done good in this world ?”.

“The Jews have reaped the rewards of playing victims. Enough is enough !”.

The fact that she made these filthy racist remarks five years ago is irrelevant. It stretches credulity to its absolute limits to think that Khan has had a eureka moment and suddenly changed her mind about such fundamentally extreme views just days before she hopes to be chosen. You will not be surprised to hear that she has apologised for her remarks.  Well! Sort of. She now says that –

“I accept fully that it was inappropriate and unacceptable.” and –

“I regret comments I made in 2012 and any offence they have caused.”

I suspect there is more than a little bit of toqiyyah going on here, Allah is quite flexible when it comes to questions about morality. Lying is just fine if it is done in His interests, and getting another of His disciples onto the ladder of power in Britain is definitely in His interests. However, the fact that one Muslim woman has wet dreams about Adolf Hitler or that she hates Jews is par for the course, of course she does, we know that. It’s a cultural thing, or so they say.

What is of real concern is that a British political Party, especially one which stands a chance to achieve power should ever entertain the idea of placing such a dangerous person on the first rung of the ladder to power, but then, this is Britain 2017 and the fact that Labour is rotten to the core with progressive anti-Semitism and Nazi sympathies will largely go unheeded. Despite the progressive veil of pretending, for public display, to oppose such things regularly slipping into light ( as in the case of Nasreen Khan), few politicians of any colour have the guts to challenge them, and to pursue it.

The struggle by all Parties to nurture the Islamic vote acts as a break on any protest, and yes, that includes UKIP. In order to avoid the curse of the racist slur all Parties meekly succumb to the perceived need for the obligatory Muslim, no matter how qualified or suitable he or she may be. After all, it’s the container that matters, not the contents.

So unless someone can conjure up a Donald Trump Doppelgänger to take a grip of political correctness and instil some fire in the guts of those who could fight it, this country will continue down the inevitable path of political and moral corruption toward the condition of a Third World banana republic. Always assuming it’s not too late.