the liberal left’s environmentalists

wind farmWhat is it that these people hate and despise more than anything? Well! Let’s see. First there is the Monarchy followed by the aristocracy and the “toffee- nosed” landed gentry. Then we must not forget the “right-wing” Conservatives and big business. The above named people and organisations are deemed to be ” privileged”, a word which carry’s all the venom and hatred that Socialism can muster, the political Left’s very own untermenschen.

Of course we must not think that the liberal left are totally consumed by hatred, nothing could be further from the truth, because their hatred of “privilege” is counterbalanced by their eternal love for the ” Working Class” who are of course, not “privileged”. Indeed, some of them earn less than £17,000 per annum and are therefore, “Poor”

It surely must follow then that when the left-wing environmentalists support the construction of Wind Farms, it should in some way benefit the “poor underprivileged working classes”, and ideally at the expense of the super-rich, privileged, aristocrats.   

So, who are the main ( or should I say) only beneficiaries of wind farms? Starting at the top, so to speak, there is the Crown Estates who stand to get hundreds of thousands of pounds per annum from land based wind farms. Prince Charles, that great lover of nature will not allow the damned things on his land, but however, is allowing dozens of them to be built offshore  just off his estates, and will undoubtedly earn a few quid from them. Then there is a whole host of Dukes, Earls, Barons, landed gentry and gentlemen farmers who will earn between them many millions of pounds per annum. Many, if not most of these people are also supporters of the much hated ” right-wing” Tory Party. Then last but not least, we have the energy companies who are building all these wonderful examples of whirling Art, being subsidised by the Tax Payer, most of whom are ” working- class” for £billions every year. Capitalisms finest hour.

What about the “Working- Class” though? I regard myself to be one of that noble breed of plebeians, having worked all my life up until I retired on a State Pension a few years ago. Every time I go to the filling station to get petrol it costs me more. My bills for gas and electricity keep going up. My council rates keep going up to pay for the fact that the local council has to pay additional salaries for Environmental Officers, Gender Equality Officers, Equal Rights Officers and  Race Relations Officers. I’m not quite sure exactly what they all do, but they tell me it’s a good earner. In fact all my bills keep going up but my pension doesn’t, well there’s a surprise! Every week I have a look at my bank account in the hope that the Environmentalists have managed to put a few quid into it, as my share of the benefits of Green Energy, only to be disappointed. After all the liberal left Environmentalists just love the ” Working Class”, and would never do anything to make us  more” under-privileged” Would they?

It’s enough to make Karl Marx spin in his grave at a rate of around 4,000 revolutions per minute. Come to think of it, if we connect a couple of dynamo’s to the great mans coffin we should be able to generate far more energy than all the stupid wind -mills put together, and it won’t cost us a penny. Unless that is, the liberal left Environmentalists get control of the idea, and then we’re screwed.

The Labour Party however is doing it’s very best to help the ” working classes”. We had John (two jags) Prescott, with his 8 bedroom house, and now we have Ed ( two kitchens) Milliband, with his £million home. God! I hope they don’t recruit a Mormon into the Shadow Cabinet! That would be just “two” much. Seriously though! Ed has definitely helped at least one “working class” lad to make good in the world ( always assuming that living as a hippie in a convoy of greenie benefit scroungers ) can be classified as being “working class”. Ever since 2008 when Ed Milliband was running Labour’s energy and climate change policies, his very good friend and retired hippie Dale Vince has received around £40 million of tax payers money in the form of subsidies, for his ” Green Energy Company” Ecotricity. Mr Vince is now estimated to be worth around £100 million. Not bad for a ” working class” lad. Of course our Ed knows full well what happens when you piss against the wind: it comes back to you in the form of a £250,000 donation to the Labour Parties election fund. Aye lad, “where there’s muck there’s brass”

Trouble is, we “working class” plebs spend all day wading around, up to our necks in muck, only to find that the liberal left Environmentalists have already taken the brass for themselves.