Oh fatherland, fatherland, show us the sign
Your children have waited to see
The morning will come when the world is mine
Tomorrow belongs to me.

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker recently made his state of the Union speech to the EU Parliament, in which he spelled out the future for the EU after Britain’s exit, and foremost among his predictions is “tighter more efficient control” over the individual states of the union. A European Army and a single unelected leader of the EU.

There is nothing new or original in Herr Junkers wish list ( His sign ), it’s all been said and done before. ” Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer.”

If you listen very carefully you will once again hear the distant strains of the Horst-Wessel-Lied drifting across Europe. The people of Poland can hear it coming again, they can smell it coming. When the new Wehrmacht ( for that is what it will be ) is reformed under an EU flag, where will it be deployed? Well of course, it will be first of all Poland and all along the Russian Europe border. Once again Poland will be pig-in- the -middle between two hostile forces and they will have no say in the matter. Already the EU has been threatening Poland with punishment ( the removal of their right to vote in the EU parliament ) if they do not respond favourably to the EU’s diktat.

Since the EU is part and parcel of the Wests paranoia about Russia the new Wehrmacht will presumably replace NATO facing the might of the Russian Federation and deployed along the Russian border with no effective buffer states between them. This is a guaranteed recipe for hyper-tension between the opposing forces, and a very uneven one at that. We are constantly informed by the EU bureaucracy that it was the very existence of the EU which has kept the peace in Europe since WW2. Leaving aside the obvious fact that it was an American and British led and financed NATO which really kept the peace.

Let’s assume they are right and the end of the EU will result in war. Then the question arises, which European country would start a war. Belgium ? Holland ? Denmark? I don’t think so. I can’t for the life of me think which European nation would even think about it. Oh! Wait a minute, who has a record of causing wars? Of course, Germany and France. Two world wars and one extensive European war all the way to Russia. Napoleon is still a great hero in France. Three conflict which caused countless millions of deaths of both military personnel and of civilians. Now, who in there right minds would want to hand over control of a vast European Army to that pair?

So why would this new European army have to be massive? Because a weak European militia would make no political or military sense. Since presumably the army would not be intended to control individual European states, but to counter the forces of the Powerful Russian Federation which would undoubtedly dominate a weak European force both politically and military wise. This raises what at first glance might appear to be another problem the EU would have. Namely how to raise such a large military force, with a European populace which is still after all the time since WW2, war weary and have little or no incentive to the call to arms. Believe it or not that is one thing that Germany and the EU has no problem with. Thanks to the unholy alliance between Frau Angela Merkel and her master advisor George Soros who talked Merkel into introducing open door immigration from the Middle East and Africa, and in doing so flooded Europe with millions of mainly young unemployed men.

Soros has recently been advising Merkel to continue importing unemployed immigrants at a rate of over one million per year, much to the horror of Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban and the governments of Poland and the Czech republic. Millions of unemployed young men fresh from the killing fields of the Middle East and Africa, the overwhelming majority of whom come with an unhealthy ready packaged inbuilt hatred of Jews. What better army could a Fourth Reich want?

For those who claim that the EU’s desire for their own Army is nothing more than an attempt to combat terrorism, one doesn’t need to be a 21st century Aristotle to question the lack of cognitive ability, lack of reason and sheer insanity of European leaders deliberately inviting millions of unemployed fighting age people into their countries when their countries are already swamped with the curse of unemployment. Unless there is a hidden agenda. First bring in millions of unwanted, unneeded, potential terrorists against the wishes of your own people, then when terrorism predictably increases, tell your people how badly we need an army to control it. I’ve got an idea that might work without the need for an expensive army. Just stop the buggers from coming in, in the first place. Too simple eh !

Oh! And there is one other thing on the EU’s dangerous wish list. They also want to introduce a new secret European Security Force similar ( they say ) to the American FBI. They haven’t given it a name yet but let me suggest the Geheime-Staats-Polizei, it has a wonderfully familiar ring to it and one that Germany will be at ease with, and just think of the increases in production of leather coats.

There is a popular myth about what starts great wars, that somehow it is in reaction to some great dramatic event, nothing could be further from the truth. All it takes is for someone to convince us all that his Utopian dream is the solution to everything. The dream is that all we need is to believe him that there needs to be one people, one state and one enlightened leader. there is a wonderful scene in the great Hollywood film Cabaret which explores how this Utopian dream works. You can watch it here.

Well! Do you think we can control it? It’s pure progressivism. First steal and claim the moral high ground as your own. The stag running free in the forest, the babe in the cradle and the bees and flowers, then suggest that somehow these idylls are under threat and must be fought for. So we move from paradise to Kristallnacht and street riots, from there to needing large armies and eventually Blitzkrieg, and ultimately to Auschwitz Birkenau.

We are already at the Kristallnacht stage of progression as we can see daily from the shattered glass on our streets, and the German led army is on it’s way, and anti-Semitism is frighteningly on the increase in Europe and the rest of the world which massive importation of Islamic culture will only exacerbate. If we are not very careful tomorrow will indeed belong to them yet again.

For an authoritative study of the roots of Nazism and progressivism I recommend Dinesh De Sousa’s book “The Big Lie “, it makes interesting and compelling reading.