The “News Media is dead”, so says Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson on Fox, and they are correct, at least in so far as the “News Media” ever lived in the first place. What passes for “News” is any public pronouncement of personal opinion about events real or imagined.

However, let’s get one thing absolutely clear and unquestionable. There is nothing wrong with bias. I am biased, you are biased, the Pope is biased, Mother Theresa was biased, and this Blog is biased. Everyone is biased and confessing to having bias is like confessing to being human. What is really so wrong is the deliberate and malicious denial of news either by obfuscation or by ignoring it in the hope that no one will notice, thereby cloaking your own bias in a lie. What is also so wrong is the deliberate and malicious distortion of the news events in order to reinforce your own bias, and what is so very wrong is the deliberate and malicious creation of false news in order to deceive the public. All of these things are regularly done by the progressive Main Stream Media.

I hear all the time from all sides of the political divide about the importance to society of ” The Fourth Estate”. (Originally the Press. Now the Press, Television, radio, and some would say the Internet and even the Hollywood elite ) was conceived, the idea of a further check on government was deemed necessary and good. It was envisaged that the free Press (Media) would keep the people informed about events which otherwise might be kept from them, so that the people could make informed judgments at the ballot box. It was not envisaged that the Media would become an unofficial unelected peoples Constabulary or that they become a self appointed spokesperson for the people. After all. Who would police the police? This however is exactly what has happened. The Media strut around with an air of self importance assuming an authority they were never given, and lacking only a uniform. Instead, they seek to influence the people to their way of thinking and not to impartially inform them.If you don’t believe this, watch the video below.

Well ! There you have it, straight from the horses mouth, it’s the Media’s job to tell the people what they can think or not think.They haven’t quite got the message yet. The people think you are all shit.

The one consolation that can be taken from all this is that the people are no longer fooled by the Media. Recent polling has shown that as far as the public is concerned the Media has been sin-binned into the same bucket of deplorable’s as politicians and lawyers. We simply don’t trust them anymore. If the Media ever did represent the people, they have now betrayed them. They have become nothing more or less than the propaganda wing of the anti-Nation, Globalist Progressive movement.

If I may take the liberty to change one little word in the famous poem by the Scottish poet Robert Burns.

”┬áBut pith and power, till my last hour
I’ll mak this declaration
We’re bought and sold for Soros gold-
Such a parcel of rogues in a Nation.”

Although less poetic and eloquent, the words of President Donald J Trump are equally appropriate and meaningful. Large parts of the Mainstream Media are “Scum”, and the people know it.