Very impressive ! Millions of women protesting in the streets of Europe, Britain and the US in the name of “Women’s Rights” and against President Trump, but who can answer a simple obvious question? When was the last time we saw similar massive ( or for that matter) , even any tiny teensy weensy groups of women protesting against the genocide of millions of Muslim, Yazidi or Christian women and children in the Middle East and Africa ? I cannot recall such a thing ever happening. NOT FUCKING ONCE ! What group of false, deluded, brain dead feminists have ever protested against the executions of women in Saudi Arabia’s Chop Chop square ,for the crime of being raped by male sex crazed retards? Who has protested against the murder of Gays and LGBT people by being thrown from the tops of high buildings ? Who has protested against the mass rape, torture and enslavement of innocent underage children, both boys and girls ? Well ! Certainly not the feminists or so called Human Rights movements, but President Trump HAS, often and publically. I’ll take these women’s rights movements and feminist’s public protests seriously when they stop acting like George Soros’s political whores.

As far as George Soros is concerned, the words attributed to King Henry 11 of England come echoing down through the ages ” Who will rid us of this troublesome priest ?” Soros has spent countless $millions setting up some 200 so called NGO’s ( Fake charities who’s sole function is to cause political anarchy and topple the democratic State ) . A list of his fake charities can be found at

It’s not just his fake charities that Soros is involved in, he spreads $millions of his ill gotten wealth across the globe like spreading shit in a sewage works. Politicians on the Left, on the Right and on the Centre of the political spectrum have nice cosy little bank accounts thanks to Georges sinister largesse.

The thing to realise about Soros is that he is a true root progressive in that he has no interest whatsoever in dogma or doctrine. He doesn’t give a damn about what happens to people around the world. People are just like cattle to Soros, if they taste good, eat them, if they are compliant exploit them and if they are a nuisance get rid of them. Only Soros’s monstrous ego and narcissism matters. Only the pursuit of wealth and power is important to him. Soros likes to associate with the political Left because it allows him to adopt a false moral high ground and because he knows that the Left are gullible and easily led. For example the Left are so completely sold ( and sold is the right word ) on the great environmental Climate Change scam because there is a helluva lot of money to be made in alternative energy technology, but what he doesn’t tell his Lefty disciples is that he also has massive investments in fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. It is estimated at 238 million dollars. Whatever Soros is in reality he is no fool when looking after his own interests, and to hell with the rest.

Other evidence that Soros has no ideological leanings is that he sponsors people on the political Right as well as on the Left. Among the many people on the Right (supposedly) who have benefited from Soros bribes have been John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. All of them anti-Trumpers. What a surprise. President Trump I’m certain realises that these back stabbers are the enemy within. McCain and Graham are particularly poisonous and war-mongers to boot.

I am a great supporter of Capitalism as a creator of wealth. It is the only system with a proven record just so long as extremists like Soros and some of the giant Global Multi-National companies don’t corrupt it. Soros is the very worst kind of predatory Capitalist , not a Socialist, or Marxist, but he will readily use these concepts and others like Anarchy to further his evil ends..

Then we come to the second level of the progressive feeding chain. The Crony Capitalists. They come in to scavenge societies carcase when the big boys have had their fill. The crony capitalists don’t have the skill or the power to make the kill on their own, they are the jackals and hyena’s of the financial world. Unlike the likes of Soros they are unable to hunt on their own, they need the power of the pack to help them. Groupthink is their modus operandi. And last but not least there are the sheep, the dreamers, the radicalised utopians who fantasize about a wonderful Panglossian world where “ All is for the best, in the best of all possible worlds.” ( Voltaire, Candide) The worlds useful idiots. I say they are radicalised because despite all we hear about Muslim radicalisation of their youth it’s child’s play (pun intended) compared to the radicalisation of western youth. Practically every school, college and university in Europe, Britain and particularly the US have been radicalised from the top down. They have been indoctrinated into the cult of anarchy and seem to love it. The students leave university semi-literate and completely lacking in self discipline, their aspiration to literary skills is the placard, and their expertise in engineering is breaking windows and setting fire to buildings.

However, not all is lost, Soros seems to be loosing the plot, He predicted that Brexit would be a financial disaster for Britain and couldn’t have been more wrong. He then predicted that a win for Trump in the US would result in financial chaos, but the US’s financial markets have reached record levels of success. The irony is that the only economy which is collapsing big time is the one which Soros desperately wants to succeed.

In the past Soros has been most successful working in the dark cloaked by his numerous fake charities, but success comes with acclaim or in his case notoriety. His own activities have dragged him out of the shadows and exposed him to the full light of day. Now everyone knows what he is up to including his own country, Hungary. Prime Minister Victor Orban has announced changes in the Law to force people like Soros to reveal all their financial dealings. The Hungarian Government is accusing Soros of financing mass immigration and people trafficking to undermine the Hungarian State.

We know that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has Soros firmly on their crosshairs and it would not surprise me if Israeli’s Mossad had a file on him. You are in an accident rich zone George, hope you have your life insurance up to date. Latest news just in. The US Congress is to investigate Soros. Time to retire to that soil filled coffin in the dark cellar George.







Two average typical socialist homes in New York City both owned by guess who. Well! You need two to provide progressive equality.

On a happier note, here is Bryan Lewis to cheer us up.