progressive meltdown

It is undoubtedly true that the frantic opposition to President Donald Trump, is panicking, in a state of abject fear and burkahatred. So much so that they are prepared to do quite literally anything to destroy the new President, and the American State itself, but to identify the source of panic, fear and hatred as the Democrat Party is a gigantic over-simplification. Yes, the Democrats are in a state of political and ideological despair, but the Democrats are nothing more than a radicalised cog in a much larger and more dangerous machine. I speak of course, of the multi-national disease of progressivism. It is the progressives who are driving the desperation which is evident among their radicalised minions in the American Democrat Party, the mainstream media, academia, and most of the institutions in the Western world including Britain and the European Union.

The great Franco-German progressive experiment to create a new neo-Stalinist one World super State beginning with the anti-democratic European Union is at last disintegrating under the weight of its despotic bureaucracy, and Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and refusal to keep bailing them out was a severe blow to the progressive dream of a global crony capitalist world, and now to top it all off along comes Donald J Trump. After some 60 years of scheming, lying and deceit European progressivism has discovered that their dream-child was born with a terminal illness, and time has run out.

Nothing highlights the desperation of the progressive movements desperation more than Barack Hussein Obama’s feeble last minute desperate attempts to stir up the Cold War with Russia again. A dangerous gamble intended as a trap for President Trump and Vladimir Putin, but neither Trump or Putin fell for it and just treated it as a sick joke. Obama was “hoist by his own petard”.

Like any common street pervert the progressives are unable to stop themselves from exposing themselves in public. Both Brexit and Trumps victory have forced the progressives into the open light of day. Their inability to comprehend the simple but profound statement attributed to President Abraham Lincoln. ” You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”, has left the progressives floundering in a morass of contradictions, self pity, exhibitionism and adolescent foot-stamping of their own making. Their lack of dignity has been exposed for all to see and the whole World can at last see that the Emperor definitely has no clothes on.

We should never think that the political Left or Liberalism has a monopoly of progressivism. Donald Trumps election has exposed that old myth. The crony capitalists and group-thinkers among the GOP’s “never Trumpers” have also been outed, just as many in Britain’s Conservative Party have. We mustn’t complain about the endless screams and moans of victimhood from the progressive camp either. All too often when justice seems to be done today it only leaves us with an empty silence, but this time we can get the gratification of hearing their squeals, it’s music to the ears.

The Imam has gone, long live the President. The war is still on but D-Day has been a great success.