Things are looking up.

It was impossible, they said, a joke. Donald Trump would never, could never, be elected as GOP nominee to stand for election for President of the USA, but he was. Never mind, they said, He will never, ever win the Presidency, such a thing was unthinkable, and they laughed all the way to election day, but He did win, and the tears of laughter turned to tears of rage, fear and despair. They are not laughing now.

Donald Trump is not one of them, He is not a politician. He is unpolished, brash, outspoken and does not have a single politically correct bone in his body, He is a common plebeian, a helluva rich one but nevertheless a pleb in the eyes of the establishment elite just the same.

All of the above makes Trumps victory historic and remarkable, but over and above all that it was the battlefield on which He fought that makes it truly a Herculean, courageous and historical victory. Trump fought against the progressive elite in His own Party, He fought against the incumbent shored up defences of the Democrat machine, against the progressive “scum” ( His own word for them) News Media. Then of course He has had to fight against the set of Hollywood loveys suffering from (NPD) Narcissistic Personality Disorder and many of the worlds political leaders. It was truly a one man victory against most of the world. It was a battlefield of unprecedented dimensions, yet He won convincingly, and He is 70 years old. Hell! I am 73 years old and I have trouble doing my shopping. Let’s not forget the pollsters, the Nostradamus’ of the modern political world who actually think that they can predict human behaviour by manipulating numbers on their digital Ouija boards. They were ever so wrong, just as they were with the UK’s Brexit vote. All humans are complex beings whom evolution has made annoyingly unpredictable, but the pollsters never learn.

Of course, no matter how stunning President Elect Trumps victory has been, it would be premature to hope that it has put an end to progressivism. It could best be described in the words of Winston Churchill after the defeat of the Axis powers in North Africa during WW2. ” Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” 

Britain is in the process of leaving the neo-Stalinist European Union. The EU is crumbling before our eyes. If Obama’s pet poodles Bill and Hillary Clinton had got into the White House ( and don’t think that Barack Hussein Obama is going to ride off into the sunset), then as Obama openly threatened to do, Britain would certainly have been put to the back of the Queue for trade with US, a hateful penalty which is greater than that inflicted on dozens of tin pot dictatorships around the world. You can also be certain that Hillary would have bailed out the EU with billions of US dollars to keep the great progressive movement alive. President Trump will not let either of these things happen. President Elect Trump has already contacted the British PM Theresa May with an invitation to the White House as soon as Brexit has been notified. Britain can at last throw off the Obama Clinton hate fest with Britain and get on with a normal relationship with our greatest ally outside of the Commonwealth, the USA.

There remains one critical thing to do before progressivism fades into history. The American Democrat writer Gore Vidal is reputed to have said ” Politics is made up of two words, “Poli” which is Greek for many, and “Tics”, which are blood-sucking- insects.” Well! If we want to get rid of the Blood-suckers we first have to find their breeding ground and destroy them at source. Fortunately we know where the father Tics nest is. We even know its name. The multi billionaire parasite who infects the Western world is George Soros, the man who has been financing the street riots in America, the same man who used His money in an attempt to destroy the Brexit vote in the UK. Well! We sure fucked you George, and “we the people” in the US sure fucked you again. You piece of excrement.

If I could give President Elect one piece of advice it would be to forget all this crap about being “Presidential”. If you really are going to represent “the people”, then the people are sick to the teeth with oily, smooth talking Presidents, Prime Ministers and politicians in general, and their Presidential double-talk.

Time will tell if President Trump is as good as his word, but at the moment I believe he will be. Brexit and Donald Trump are only battle victories in a long war, but that is how wars are eventually won.

So for those whimpering, snivelling progressive slaves who would rather live under the jackboots of Global big business, crony Capitalism and undemocratic Government who try to tell you every little thing you should think, or do, or not do, I’ve got a message for you.

Now wasn’t that good?