Water is wet. Fire is hot, ice is cold and Russia spies on America. You mean that Obama, the Clintons and the mainstream scum have only just discovered this? Does this mean that they don’t know that America, Britain and most of Europe spies on the Russian Federation all the time ? Not only that but they spy on each other and even on their own citizens. The very idea that America is some kind of saintly entity who never attempts to hack the computers of other countries is laughingly hypocritical. What the hell is the American NSA, and the British GCHQ for : promoting World peace ?

Leaving aside the obvious and pathetic attempt by the US Democrats to detract attention away from the Hillary E-mail scandals, there is a more serious problem, and that is the demonization of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation. Now I do not believe that Putin is a cuddly Russian Teddy-Bear, nor do I believe that The Russian Federation’s establishment elites are an angelic host of peace at all cost humanitarians. When I look at Putin and Russia today I see only a mirror image of the West. No better, no worse. Although it must be said that Putin shows much more common sense than the rest of them put together.

Let’s get one thing straight. It was not the might of the US or Britain and Europe that brought about the collapse of the Soviet union. It was the courage and enlighted attitude of one man, and one man only who achieved this. Mikhail Gorbachev. It was he who encouraged the breaking down of the wall and it was he who pursued peace with the West, not the other way round. You wouldn’t know it though from the triumphalist rhetoric from the West. The collapse of the Soviet Union was never enough for the revenge seeking West, who wanted a subservient Russia, a tail- wagging Russian Poodle who would willingly subvert the interests of its own people to that of the victorious West. Well! The Russian people and Vladimir Putin told them where to stick that idea, quite rightly.

As I listen to the daily hate rhetoric flooding the International airwaves against Putin, openly and explicitly spewing forth from the mouths of the Western elites, I am amazed and struck by the fact that Putin never reacts in kind. When he does criticise the West he does so in calm, measured, diplomatic language, and avoids personal invective against those who describe him as ” the Anti-Christ”, ” Satan “, and other completely over the top insults. In doing so Vladimir Putin shows himself to be a true Statesman, unlike his Western counterparts.

We are continually being reminded on a daily basis who our real enemy is. Hour upon hour, day upon day ,week upon week the quest for a new Islamic Empire which they call a Caliphate is being thrust upon us by means of every unimaginable, bestial and inhuman act of violence, but according to the progressive Western elite the most dangerous threat is from Climate Warming and Vladimir Putin. Not necessarily in that order.

It is crucial that the West in general and the US in particular consign their ” Reds under the bed ” McCarthyism to the history books, put an end to the demonization of Putin and the Russian Federation and restore mature adult diplomatic relations with them. The way our real enemies are advancing against us we might well need Russian friendship sooner than we think.

to be continued