According to former Prime Minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt all Brexiters, including David Cameron ? Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are “ Rats fleeing a sinking ship”. It might sound like just a little bit of foot-stomping petulance, and indeed it is, but there’s more to it than that. It is an unintentional but explicit admission that the ship is definitely sinking, a fact which hasn’t escaped many of us rats. Which brings me to an important question. Would you rather be an intelligent rat who has the common sense to remove itself from a sinking ship ? Or would you rather be a dumb suicidal EU bureaucrat who goes down with the ship to the fading strains of the Internationale ?

cameron euPoor David Cameron must be feeling the terrible injustice of being clubbed in with us rats. After all he spent months licking the Brussels Eurocrats boots and pleading with them to help him with a deal that would keep Britain shackled to the EU. He also spent weeks rummaging in his dirty- tricks scary box to feed project fear to the electorate, and that’s the thanks he gets from his EU friends! Now will you believe us David? They are no friends of us rats, all they ever wanted was our money.

Judging by the looks on the faces of Martin Schultz and Jean-Claude Juncker and their sad pouting recriminations against Britain, there is very little doubt that the ” ship is sinking”, and the fact that a number of EU countries are now talking seriously about following Britain doesn’t help to plug the leaking holes on the good ship “European Union”. It is going the way of all dictatorships.

nigel farage 2Nigel Farage has decided to stand down as leader of UKIP which is sad, but after over 20 years of selfless dedicated campaigning for the cause of freedom and democracy, and awesomely achieving it, a bit of a break is more than well earned. However, once again there is more to it. Nigel and his wife and two teenage daughters have become the focus of all the leftist progressive bile and hatred. All the hatred emanating from the EU toward Nigel and UKIP is as nothing compared to the vicious threatening hatred which spews forth from the British progressive remainist’s and the media, and these are the same self appointed pseudo moralists who have been lecturing us all for decades about ” Love not Hate ” Anyone spot the hypocrisy?

If anyone thinks they have seen the last of Nigel Farage they are in for a shock. He is rightly putting the safety and wellbeing of his family first. Although, it is shameful that in 21st century progressive Britain a public servant should need to take precautions to protect his family from ideological thugs. I have no doubts that Nigel will continue to be a thorn in the flesh of all those who might try to betray his legacy. So now we have to keep a very, very close eye on the Leave carpetbaggers especially in the Conservative Party where mischief is afoot.

The coming months will be interesting especially in the ship salvage business