farageWe are being told that the democratic decision by over half of the British electorate to pull out from the undemocratic EU has, ” divided the country”. What a ridiculous and farcical assertion. You don’t need to be a genius to work out that if just over half of the electorate voted one way during the referendum and just under half voted the other way, then the country was already divided before the referendum occurred. It’s quite simple really. The people of Britain have been divided on this issue ever since we joined what was then called the Common Market in 1975. The only difference between then and now is, is that in 1975 those of us who were against it were told in no uncertain terms to ” Get used to it”, ” Live with it ” ,”Come to terms with it”, and until Nigel Farage came along and gave us a voice, that is exactly what we did. Now step forward to 2016 and the situation is reversed. Those who this time lost the argument are going around like headless chickens. The frenzy, hysteria and hatred ( Yes hatred ) is more than just tangible, it is all encompassing.

To todays leftist progressives who lost the argument ” Living with it ” ” Coming to terms with it ” is totally unacceptable. People like UKIP’s Nigel Farage are being subjected to a tirade of hatred and death threats, and these death threats are real. The hysteria is being spread throughout the progressive remainist section of society. If you watch the recent ” Question Time” on BBC with Diane Abbot you will be witness to the most obsessive anti-Farage, anti-UKIP hatred imaginable. It made no difference what the question being discussed was, she turned it around to a vitriolic sneering attack on Farage and UKIP. Progressive hatred knows no bounds.

oldNow we are being told that students are anticipating failing their exams because they are so traumatised by Brexit, which is interesting, since two thirds of young voters didn’t even turn up to vote. The fires of hatred are being stoked between young and old. In our universities where some ideologically motivated professors and lecturers are radicalising their students and undermining the very roots of Western society by pitting son against father, daughter against mother. It was ever the case that students were encouraged to question the values, thoughts and acts of their elders but this was always done at a philosophical level, but what is going on now is something radically different. What we are witnessing now is a malicious radicalisation of our youth with a view to dividing society on ageist grounds in order to destroy society cohesion.

What our poor misunderstood victimised youth need to do, is to learn the intellectual skills of recognising when they are being socially engineered and radicalised. Perhaps they will realise that all the old people who they are encouraged to despise were at one time just as young as they are, and that sometime in the future they will also be old. Youth doesn’t last forever.

However, it’s not all gloom and doom. Thousands of Remain supporters paraded in London today to celebrate Brexit; or so it would seem, since they were all dressed up in multi-colour clown costumes and were seen to be laughing and joking and having a bit of a carnival. All except a one time Pop Singer called Bob Geldof and someone called Owen Jones who didn’t seem to get into the carnival spirit. Multi-millionaire socialist (Yes Another one) Bob Geldof wearing his 1960’s Che Guevara uniform and dark glasses for effect took charge with a rabble rousing speech, but the crowd seemed more interested in having a laugh. Owen Jones also made a sort of speech. Owen Jones writes for The Guardian, a minority newspaper, so that’s all you need to know about him. For a really funny series of photos of the march click here.

lunar cAfter 50 years of being on the loosing side neither I or any of my like minded anti-EU friends ever stamped petulant feet through the streets of London, nor did we throw our toys out of the pram in fits of rage. We didn’t blame the older people in society for taking us in to the EU, and we never, never threated people with violence. Recently a so called Rapper wrote a post on the internet threatening to get a gang together and gang rape one of Nigel Farage’s young teenage daughters. Where were the protests from the progressive left ? Where were the police to enforce the Laws on hate crime ? I’ll answer that for everyone. The police were too busy arresting Tommy Robinson yet again for daring to say that he didn’t like Islam. Well who bloody does? I don’t. Yet! Lunar C as he is known ( real name Jake Brook ) publically advocates child rape and is still walking our streets laughing at the police, laughing at our Laws and laughing at the decent people of this country. Where is the progressive fake morality of “love not hate” now ?

It isn’t just Mosques and Imams who radicalise young people. Our Universities and many of our professors and lecturers are equally guilty. They sow the seeds of division like the idea that elderly people are a burden on society and that the elderly don’t care about the interests of the young, and that the elderly are mainly responsible for every thing bad that has befallen society. There is a simple and effective riposte to these stupid arguments by supposedly learned people and it comes in the form of a question.

How many youths can they name throughout history who have directly contributed positively to society during their time as youths? I cannot think of a single one. From Archimedes to Pythagoras, from da Vinci to Copernicus and Kepler, from Pasteur to Fleming, from David Hume to Adam Smith, from Isaac Newton to Einstein and Hubble. No where do I see the hand of youth. Our youth is the most precious and valuable asset that society has, not least because they are our children. Their value to society is not because they are young but because their potential for a mature future is essential.

A message to our students and young people. Are you really going to allow ideologically driven progressives to convince you to despise your own parents and grandparents ? If the progressive EU lovers really cannot accept the democratic will of the people. That is their problem, but stop trying to use our youth against us. Just how low can they stoop ? That of course is a rhetorical question.