churchill v signIn my last post I said that the EU Referendum was going to be ” A measure of the British peoples gullibility, irrational fear and cowardice in the face of intellectual gibberish”, and so it was, and the people stood tall and made it clear to the establishment that they were not gullible or irrational, and that they had the courage to defy the blatant fear-mongering and threats which emanated from the Prime Minister and his progressive “conservatives”, from the media, from academia, Church leaders, all political Parties ( with the notable exception of UKIP). The entire establishment elite warned, threatened and bullied the British people with a view to making them toe-the-line, but the people effectively told them to fuck off. You can decide for yourself what Churchill means by his gesture.

Even Barak Hussein Obama travelled all the way across the Atlantic to instruct us on how to run our affairs and to threaten us about ” going to the back of the queue” with any US trade deals ( big mistake). Obama may well be the most powerful man in the World, but he has since learned the lesson of so many before him, this tiny nation has a people who have a highly successful tradition of showing powerful people where to shove their pathetic threats. Which brings me to the German and French leadership of the neo-Stalinist EU. When will they ever learn? They too decided the best way to make us remain in the EU was to threaten us with dire consequences. The French are fond of calling us “A nation of shopkeepers” which is probably true, but their very own history shows our shopkeepers can be as mean as hell if they want to, and they have told them to fuck off as well.

When the news broke that the British people had defied the World’s so called “experts” and chosen freedom from the Marxist neo-Stalinist dictatorship which is the European Union, the word which echoed around the World was “SHOCK”. Everyone, we were told, was shocked. Why would that be I wonder? After all, these were the “experts” that Cameron and others urged us to listen to because they were “experts”. Not only were the “experts” telling us that Brexit was a bad thing, just like they had told us that the Euro was a good thing, they were also telling us “It aint gonna happen anyway”. So confident were the money-munching economic “experts” in the Worlds money Markets that they didn’t even bother to prepare for the possibility of Brexit winning. It came as a shock to them! It turns out that their certainty arose not from any kind of expertise but from watching the Opinion Polls, and get this! They were basing their “expert” opinions on the Bookmakers odds. They figured it out that the Bookies are never wrong, and since the Bookies were offering 10-1 for a Brexit win and only 7-4 on for a remain win, they didn’t think they needed to worry about it. Experts, my arse! They are nothing more than addicted gamblers, gambling with our money, just as they did during the Banking Crisis.

mark carneyThere is however, one man who stands out from the rest as a man of integrity, professionalism and a true expert, and that man is Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. At the very moment that the Brexit win was announced Mark Carney had a financial package already prepared for the events which were to follow. This, despite being a supporter of Remain himself. That’s how a real expert operates. No matter what side of the argument we stand on we all owe Mark Carney a vote of thanks. To read the Governor of the Bank of England’s statement click here. It is calm and unhysterical, unlike most of the drivel emanating from the Worlds Money Markets.

Of course there will be a host of City money parasite’s who will make a killing on the hysteria and turmoil which they  themselves create. George Soros, the multi-billionaire “socialist” for example says he likes a bet “ Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected”. Note, he says “betting” not “gambling”, that is because he helps to create the uncertainty and flux in the Markets, then bets on the certainty of the uncertainties he creates. He will no doubt use some of his gains to stir up a few more street riots in the American elections and elsewhere. Never mind, he’s 84 years old now and won’t be able to take it with him to hell.

nigel farageThe fact that Britain may will soon be free again is almost entirely due to 25 years of dedicated, tireless campaigning by just one man, Nigel Farage. It was he and he alone who brought Brexit about , not that you would know it. When Cameron granted the people a referendum because he arrogantly believed they would never win the Leave campaign was set up by the other Party’s carpetbaggers like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and others who airbrushed Farage out of the picture with the willing help of the progressive media. Other fifth-columnists like Daniel Hannan and Douglas Carswell have already began their little conspiracy to deny Farage a place on the cross-party commission so that they can pursue a watering- down of immigration promises and a possible re-negotiation to stay in the EU* with better conditions. The carpetbaggers will do anything to marginalise Farage and UKIP.

The apparent panic, shock and alarm which the Money Markets are making so much of is partly contrived. The Sorros’ of this World are busy making a fast buck at our expense and the unelected bureaucrats of the EU are getting their petty revenge as Jean-Claude Juncker promised. Strangely enough all this furore and heart-wrenching by the Money Markets is in reality an encouraging sign. It is firm evidence that the international importance and strength of the fifth richest nation on Earth still packs a punch. It is not the people of Britain who need to be afraid of temporary crisis, but the other nations who get their knickers in a twist.

The first battle has been won but the war has a long way to go with betrayal lurking around every corner.as usual Winston Churchill said it best and I’ll give him the last word.