” – and behold a pale horse, and it’s riders name was Brexit, and Hades followed him. ” revelation of Cameron.

cameron flagDavid Cameron, prophet of doom, harbinger of death, apocalyptic foreteller of Armageddon, has warned us all that if Britain dares to leave the European Union it could well result in WW3. Let’s get this right. Some unnamed European leader or leaders are contemplating kicking off a nuclear holocaust in protest because The UK signs divorce papers with  Brussels. Some divorce! The farcical absurdity of such a preposterous prophecy is laughable, but will it work? Will it serve the nefarious purposes of Cameron to frighten the British people into remaining in the EU ? Unfortunately, I’m afraid it might do, because project fear doesn’t end with WW3. Cameron’s doom ridden prophecy goes on to predict the collapse of Britain’s economy ( Not you’ll note the EU’s economy, which is already well on the way to collapse ), earnings will drop drastically, unemployment will rise rapidly. Disaster on a truly biblical scale will befall the UK. “Project fear” awaits only the death of the first born, plagues of frogs and locusts and the end of time.

Does Cameron and his progressive crony capitalists like Heseltine ,and Clarke really believe that the British people are so thick as to believe this hogwash. their arrogance is such that I suspect they do. The up and coming EU referendum on whether to leave the EU will be a measure of the British peoples gullibility, irrational fear and cowardice in the face of intellectual gibberish. I hope that the people will stand up and explain in no uncertain terms to these career establishment threatening alpha Apes, who are supposed to run our country that they are not our bosses, they are our servants.

Whatever happens on the 23rd June 2016 the people of Britain have a choice. They can choose to get out of the burning building before it is too late, or they can decide to wait until the flames are licking around their ankles.

Pat Condell says it all as usual


Brexit the Movie. Please watch it. it is important