If you are a member of a club which is totally dedicated and committed to your demise, don’t whatever you do leave it. Stay and argue your case, convince them to realize their mistake and find love in their hearts for you. This is the deluded argument used to keep Israel within swords length of their enemies at the United Nations. It is also the same spurious argument used to keep Britain in the corrupt, undemocratic and anti-Semitic European Union. It is an old familiar appeasers argument. Imagine what would have happened if Winston Churchill had listened to this argument at the outbreak of WW2 ( and there were many in the British establishment elite who proposed it.) If such a suggestion seemed to Churchill to be sheer insanity, and it was, then why is the same insane argument still being used to keep Britain in a resolutely unalterably corrupt EU, or to keep Israel in a similarly corrupt UN?

It seems almost pointless to bring it up since it is almost a weekly event at the UN, but the UN, this time in the shape of the World Health Organization (WHO) has once again targeted Israel, and only Israel of violating “Mental, physical and environmental health”. The sponsors of this criminal UN resolution were of course the Arab group of states and the Palestinian delegation. Surprise, surprise. Naturally ( and I use the word carefully) , the Arabs the Palestinians and most Muslims will seek to condemn and delegitimise Israel, It’s what they do, it’s who they are. Arabs hate Jews like fish live in water, but the really shameful and disgusting thing about this and other hate resolutions against the only democratic and humane State in the entire Middle East is that the resolution was passed by 107 votes against Israel to 8 votes for. There were 8 abstentions and 58 members absent. Every single EU member State voted against Israel including the UK, France and Germany.

UK’s shame

In the case of David Cameron and the UK government elite pure anti-Semitism is unlikely to be the reason for their habitual opposition to Israel. Cameron doesn’t have the imagination to hate Jews. In his case it is more likely to be just good progressive crony capitalism, just business. Successive UK governments have permitted and encouraged a dependency on the oil rich Arab States for bribes and conditional largesse. So nothing personal Israel, business is business. For a superb detailed analysis of this situation go to UN Watch.

As for Israel, only Israel can decide what it wants to do, but I would remind them that just being in the corrupt UN Club wont turn the sinners into saints. The Palestinians know that they will never agree to a two state solution. None of the Arab Muslim states will agree to the two state solution. Israel, despite repeated attempts, know full well that a two state solution will never ever happen. The two state solution is like an anglers fly, it hides the hook. It would be better for Israel if she just tore up her membership card.