One of the most important driving forces for Islamic expansionism in the world today is the blind and blanket acceptance by most Western nations that man made climate change / warming has reached a point of no return, and if a solution is not found extremely quickly we are facing a catastrophe of such epic proportions that life on this planet will face near extinction. Whether or not the ridiculous theory is right or wrong it will have and is having, consequences.

wind generatorsSo what does that have to do with Islam? The answer to that question should be patently obvious. It is the proposed solution to climate change/warming which provides the important link. The solution being that it is imperative to eradicate all types of fossil fuels and replace them with so called alternative energy as quickly as possible.

Put yourself in the position of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. You have a country with no agriculture of any exportable consequence. You have no industrial or manufacturing base or technical means of creating wealth, but you and some of your Muslim neighbours have control of much of the worlds supply of oil. Oil gives you almost unimaginable wealth and power. Indeed you have so much power that you are almost politically untouchable. You can almost do whatever you want to, knowing that the world will just turn away and pretend not to see it, because the worlds need for your oil and for your responsible management of it, is much greater than their concerns for your despotism and your funding of terrorism throughout the world. It has only just been revealed that the US has had evidence ever since the 9/11 attacks that Saudi Arabia sponsored the attacks. Yet the US Government kept it secret until it was recently leaked. That is how much power Saudi’s oil has. The Saudi’s know that as long as they control the worlds greatest energy asset, they will be safe.

Then along comes the myth of man made climate change/warming and puts every thing at risk. What is a super rich Middle Eastern Arab Muslim to do? He could sit back and accept his fate, watch his glorious palaces crumble to dust and go back to his traditional way of life in a tent in the Western Desert, with only the number of his goats to measure his wealth and esteem by. Or he could fight back.

cameron and arabsHe could use his enormous oil wealth to buy the West. He could buy and invest in hotel chains, Sports stadia and teams, factories etc. Hell! He could even buy governments and put puppets in charge for him. Does Barack  Hussein Obama come to mind? He could create a situation where millions of his fellow Muslims were driven out of the Middle East, thus relieving the burden on him to look after their interests and place the burden firmly in the hands of the West. He could finance the building of thousands of Mosques throughout the West and encourage the Muslim migrants to resist any attempt by the West to integrate them into Western culture or values, creating ever growing Muslim only areas in cities in preparation for a worldwide Caliphate.

It’s a long term plan, but it will take the West a long time to develop alternative energy to the point of not needing oil, if they ever manage it. So in the meantime prepare for that scenario. None of the above is the product of an over-rich imagination for the simple reason most of it is already firmly in place.

Despite what some have tried to claim it is not an imagined climate change/warming which has caused mass migration from the Muslim world. If climate change was causing millions of Muslims to migrate to Europe and America, then it would equally apply to non-Muslim countries, and it doesn’t. Nevertheless, it is the intended solution to an imagined problem by the West which the Arab world sees as a very real threat to their oil power.

Of course, we live in a complex world and as you would expect there are a number of reasons for mass Islamic migration. The rapid rise in Islamic religious fanaticism and supremacism plays an obvious role, as does the Western elites eager embracement of weak appeasing, political correctness under the misleading title of progressivism.

It’s not just reality that has consequences, so too does myth and unproven theory, and all too often the consequences can be disastrous.