Here we go again, and again, and again, ad infinitum. On March 24 2016 the UN Human Rights Council ( UNHRC) passed yet another five resolutions against Israel. Why anyone should be surprised is a mystery since passing resolutions against Israel is the UNHRC’s raison d’être. It is what they do. By rights ( pun intended ) they should really be called the UN Palestinian Rights Council.

I’ve said it before but it needs to be repeated. The entire UN organisation is a massive filthy stain upon most of the member states who persistently rubber-stamp everything that they were originally set up to combat. The organisation is corrupt from the top down.

However, as they say, we are where we are, so what can we do about it? As far as the EU and it’s member states, including the UK are concerned, nothing. Europe is so infected by an underlying anti-Semitism at all levels of society that they are either unwilling or unable to tackle the problem. Oh sure! When confronted with it they occasionally talk the talk, but they never seem to get round to walking the walk. One of the most shameful episodes in recent months was the leaked revelation that David Cameron and his UK Government entered into a behind the scenes secret deal with Saudi Arabia to mutually vote for one another, so that they were both given seats in the UNHRC.

Saudi Arabia a country with one of the worst Human Rights records of all time, a country which beheaded more people last year than even ISIS did, a country which executes men, women and even children in a public square with the disgusting nick-name of “Chop Chop Square”, and the Prime Minister of Britain collaborates so that Saudi becomes chair of the UNHRC. Insanity rules the UN. So how many resolutions were passed against Saudi Arabia ? None. What about Syria where genocide is daily being practiced, or North Korea, or Iran, or Libya, or any one of a couple of dozen other terror states? No! Just Israel, the one and only genuine democratic state in the Middle East, who’s terrible crime is to defend her people from a bunch of stabbing, rocket launching thugs.

There is so much more that I could say about this but it would be merely repeating what I have said on the blog many times.

The much respected and influential Jewish writer Isi Leibler has written yet another superb article on the subject of UN corruption. It is an essential read, and although Isi’s article is full of things I could quote, I would rather you read his own words. I will however quote from the final three paragraphs and react to them.

“Donald Trump has already completely written off the UN but the real challenge is to persuade the likely winner – Hillary Clinton – to translate the speech she made at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference expressing her love for Israel into a clear cut commitment that, if elected, she will ensure that the US either enforces a modicum of morality at the UN including confronting the vile hatred that portrays Israel as evil incarnate – or take appropriate action.

The UN today incubates evil and provides legitimacy to tyrannies, If this will not change, the US and other democratic countries have an obligation to condemn these pathological actions and, if necessary, establish a global association of democracies to promote human rights and combat terrorism.

The democratic leaders would do well to recall the words of Dietrich Bonheoffer, the German theologian executed by the Nazi’s, who stated that ” Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”  

hillary at aipacI’m afraid any clutching at straws regarding Hillary Clinton is doomed to failure. When Clinton made her speech to AIPAC she was not talking to Israel or to the Jewish people, she was hopefully addressing a potential voting block. If or when Clinton ever gets elected, any easy and cynically made promises to Israel will hastily fade away like a puff of smoke. As Secretary of State in the Obama administration Clinton was an enthusiastic supporter of Obama’s foreign policies including his hostile policies against Israel. There is no reason to believe that since seeking to become President in her own right she has had some kind of ‘road to Damascus’  moment. Unless Israel can compete with the Arab states for funds to the Clinton Foundation, Israel will get nothing from the Clintons. The only “speak” and the only “act” that Israrel can expect from the Clintons is the kind that Bonheoffer protested against.